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Vols fans, or Womens college bball fans..answer this question.. Do you think Candace Parker is…?

Question by Some girl: Vols fans, or Womens college bball fans..answer this question.. Do you think Candace Parker is…?
just a little overrated? I mean I am the biggest Lady Vols fan there is, and sometimes I think some other players should be getting the credit. Like Shannon Bobbitt, Nicky Anosike, Alexis Hornbuckle, etc. I mean look at Shannon. She went from junior college nothing to probably the most influential person behind a national championship team. Nicky Anosike really stepped up this year and surprised me. And you heard Kara Lawson say it..Alexis Hornbuckle is the x factor of this team.

I think candace parker is a hell of a player, but when she gets all the credit it makes me so mad. Just like in football. The quarterback gets all the credit but what about the offensive line? They protect his ***! To me its a similar situation.
im not sayin she aint good..cause shes great. im sayin that her teammates never get credsit she is the only one that gets any credit for a national championship and etc.

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Answer by sarah h
AT first i thought she was very overrated but then i got to see her play in person and realized that she is an amazing player. Just as good as people make her seem. Her team deserves a little more credit but when Candace was out in the first half of the UNC game in the final four the Vols didnt play well at all…but then when she came back in in the second half things went alot better. She helps her teammates by drawing the double and tripple teams and she is a great passer so she can get her teammates the ball. She can do almost anything

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Q&A: Disney Dining Plan Question?

Question by movie_critic_3000: Disney Dining Plan Question?
My mom and i are going to disney in a few months and we got the disney dining plan package, staying on the grounds, park tickets, etc. My mom’s has never done the dining plan; I did once but my aunt handled it so i didn’t really pay attention to what happens. Does disney send our tickets before we get there or do we get them when we get there? What about our luggage? We pretty much need a full description of what we have to do once we get off the plane and any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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Answer by itchianna
If you signed up for Magic Your Way, about 45 days before your trip you will receive luggage tags in the mail. When you check in your room key will be your dinning plan ticket and your park tickets.

Have you prearranged meals, the table meals can all be scheduled. No waiting for a table, in fact this is almost a necessity during the summer as crowds are huge. Call 1-407-WDWDine to see what is available during your stay. You can check out all the options at www.waltdisneyworld.com

Have a great trip.

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General question about traveling with candies?

Question by Bugsie: General question about traveling with candies?
When someone comes from a distant country (I presume, by plane, but any way of transportation) and brings a mix of candies for his cousin, friend, etc , but also to offer others who come to visit him/them there…………is it more likely that those candies are in “packages” (normal variants) or he brings them in bulk?

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Answer by catluva
It really depends on the type of candie in question. It’s better if it’s in a sealed package but sometimes that’s not enough. I’ve gotten large amounts of gift can’t from china Ireland and Greece with no issues but I couldn’t have the chocolate Easter egg from canada.

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