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Vols fans, or Womens college bball fans..answer this question.. Do you think Candace Parker is…?

Question by Some girl: Vols fans, or Womens college bball fans..answer this question.. Do you think Candace Parker is…?
just a little overrated? I mean I am the biggest Lady Vols fan there is, and sometimes I think some other players should be getting the credit. Like Shannon Bobbitt, Nicky Anosike, Alexis Hornbuckle, etc. I mean look at Shannon. She went from junior college nothing to probably the most influential person behind a national championship team. Nicky Anosike really stepped up this year and surprised me. And you heard Kara Lawson say it..Alexis Hornbuckle is the x factor of this team.

I think candace parker is a hell of a player, but when she gets all the credit it makes me so mad. Just like in football. The quarterback gets all the credit but what about the offensive line? They protect his ***! To me its a similar situation.
im not sayin she aint good..cause shes great. im sayin that her teammates never get credsit she is the only one that gets any credit for a national championship and etc.

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Answer by sarah h
AT first i thought she was very overrated but then i got to see her play in person and realized that she is an amazing player. Just as good as people make her seem. Her team deserves a little more credit but when Candace was out in the first half of the UNC game in the final four the Vols didnt play well at all…but then when she came back in in the second half things went alot better. She helps her teammates by drawing the double and tripple teams and she is a great passer so she can get her teammates the ball. She can do almost anything

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Reporter recently visited Kaiping City, supermarkets, electronics store, and some commercial street, big businesses have found that branded goods have to cut prices, promotions and other name, race to dismember the holiday “cake.” This year is the national adjustment “51” 3-day holiday for the first year, the industry is expected 3 days, while not long, but it is customary in previous years, spending this holiday season, and the number of long-term travel significantly less than in previous years, will effectively improve the local business spending power. Some businessmen believe that this year’s “51” holiday, Kaiping City Business will present boom. It is understood that the business has prepared sufficient supplies, did her best to introduce a variety of consumer festival, shopping festival, exhibitions, etc., using Fan Quan, credit, appropriate rewards and sales promotions, reminders hot “5 a “consumer market.

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Air conditioning , Refrigerator And Washing machine Period of such hot-selling home appliances. Kaiping City, the reporters interviewed several major appliance business learned that this year is very different from previous years: electrical appliances wholesale price of raw materials prices led to rising month by month; manufacturers will no longer allow sellers to offer a promotion activities; appliance prices in the “five a “relatively favorable holidays, after the holiday will be price increases.

Kaiping while ago the temperature had topped 30 , to make people feel the summer approached, the big electronics store, buy fans, air conditioning and other appliances than the public has increased significantly while ago. Kaiping City Manager Tan Lai Sun Star Appliance Co., Ltd., said every year “51” are air conditioners, refrigerators, fans and other electrical appliances, hot period, but the difficult business environment this year, he said, although the introduction of discount on the surface, but in practice than the past is already pushing up the performance of air conditioning is the most obvious. “Ex-factory price per month of different manufacturers, refrigerator, washing machine prices are up, and fortunately we have the first two months in the purchase, get a relatively low price, effectively bringing down the prices manufacturers selling pressure quickly, so ‘ 51 ‘holiday sales prices for the time being not in order to expand sales, but after postganglionic End is sure to rise in price. “

Kaiping City’s major electrical appliances from the seller understand that the more people buy the fan, air-conditioned people to buy less, most people are still watching, waiting, “51” holiday price cuts turmoil electrical . At present, the fans come to buy more for some workers and low-income families to buy good quality brand mostly. Electronics store sales are expected, with the improvement of living conditions, people’s consumption concept of maturity, to further enhance consumer grade, brand, fashion, high technology, environmental protection will be sought after commodity, big screen

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