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Is My Car Dealership Held Responsible Due to 27pt. Inspection?

Question by Wolf74159: Is My Car Dealership Held Responsible Due to 27pt. Inspection?
I had my 2002 Chevy s10 truck put in for a 27 point inspection on April the 29th before I went on vacation down to Florida and up to New York on June 10th. This is a normal trip and the dealership is the same place I bought the truck and it’s the 4th year I’ve had the inspection with them.

While in Florida I had to replace a dead battery and I was told by AAA that the orange liquid was out (Coolant of some sort). So we went to the nearest mechanic here in Florida and he took a look at it. Thankfully I told him the wrong thing and he realized that 1) My radiator had a crack and 2) The serpentine belt had cracks all over the place. So for replacing the belt and everything afterwards, it cost me 500 bucks.

It is the 14th of June and my question is about the dealership. I was told by the mechanic here in Florida that the belt is very important and that it should have been caught a lot sooner than what it should have been. So is there any way (considering the 27 point inspection, and as they call it, a ‘visual’ inspection) that they are held somewhat responsible? Or something? I need advice PLEASE!

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Answer by Karle
well u can call and complain……..and u can probably get a free oil change or something out of ur dealer….

but u would need to have copy of what exactly is checked on 27 point inspection……and quite honestly that isn’t very many points for any type of inspection….i mean standard lube shop will do a 20 point inspection…….checking the fluids and tire pressure is about 20 pt inspection…..

bottom line “inspection package” is just a way for dealer to get some money from u……..and they cannot b legally held liable for stuff not covered in inspection….or stuff in inspection that isn’t bad RIGHT then…….

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