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Star Wars: Can I read Survivors Quest after Heir to the Empire?

Question by write4life: Star Wars: Can I read Survivors Quest after Heir to the Empire?
Would it ruin the whole series of books for me? Would I be confused? I am reading Heir to the Empire right now, and want to read the second book in the trilogy, but I own Survivor’s Quest and haven’t read it. Would it ruin the rest of the books? Are there any major events in between? Please don’t tell me them!
Thank-you in advance for your answers.

Best answer:

Answer by Jedi Dude 28
Ummm … do you read any of the answers for other questions that you have asked? I’m pretty sure I outlined these two series in another question that you asked … anyways … here it is again.

“Would it ruin the whole series for you” … Not really BUT … “Would I be confused?” … “confused” is no where near a strong enough word for it. First, these two books are set 13 years apart from each other but that’s not the main thing that will confuse you … “Survivor’s Quest” is book 2 of the “Outbound Flight Project” duology. Book 1 is “Outbound Flight” and it is set 32 years before the events of the movies. If you read “Survivor’s Quest” before “Outbound Flight” you will be beyond lost and I can almost guarantee that you will be saying “WTF is that” and Who TF are those people at least every other line in the book. There is also a VERY big reason not to read “Survivor’s Quest” after “Heir To The Empire” or a lot of the other books set in between them. I’ll try not to “spoil” it for you but in “Survivor’s Quest” you will find two of the characters of SW have gotten married and you will probably, not having any info from the other books of the EU, be absolutely stunned by who these two characters are. A hint … they are both in “Heir To The Empire” and are two people that you would never have thought would end up together … you would also miss out on the incredible series of events that brought them together.

Since you don’t have “Dark Force Rising” & “The Last Command” I may be able to help in that respect … I have both of those books in MS Reader & MS Word format. I’d be more than happy to email them to you if you want to read them, and I strongly suggest you do, before moving on to other books. I would also recommend you read a few other books of the EU before “Survivor’s Quest” … the Thrawn Trilogy, “Heir To The Empire”, “Dark Force Rising”, & “The Last Command” … The hand of Thrawn Duology, titles are “Specter of the Past” & “Vision of the Future” … Outbound Flight. All of these books were written by Timothy Zahn and they are really great books.

That’s about all I can say without spoiling the story for you … let me know if you want those 2 books emailed to you and as always …

May The Force Be With You …


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National Marketplace mad “suck money” until after the holiday sales – flat-panel TVs, Washing Machine – Network Appliance Industry

11 Golden Week this year, major home appliance stores in Guangzhou are urging all style all their own hot market. 11 A few days ago, Canton 100 Run in the best new store openings,

Suning Being good shop expansion, Gome stores Tianhe Queen, Newport shop, shop with and the day on September 29 while shop. The supermarkets are substantial price cuts and promotions to attract consumers to a variety of topics, this unprecedented effort, “11” shopping carnival really pocketed the consumer enthusiasm.

Golden Week this year for the business battle is “winning the price,” another interpretation of

Program to promote sales of various types of sharing profit

big wang The annual Golden Week, home appliances market, price competition has never left the competition this year was no exception, the price is still the factors that consumers are most concerned about the purchase.

This year, Flat Panel TV Foreign price war in the bombardment, the test a low price way. During the National Day, a store that’s in the Milky Way, made a 32-inch LCD is priced at 2,800 yuan, while the part of foreign brand 32-inch LCD is priced at around 4,580 yuan,

Samsung Full HD 37-inch LCD is priced at 6,499 yuan, sending their Samsung mobile phones, Changhong and Hisense’s 37-inch LCD is priced at 4990 yuan or so; another store to see the Milky Way, according to package sales of the product, package A is 9680 yuan , including

SHARP A 32-inch LCD TV, a Siemens 174 l energy-efficient refrigerators, Samsung 5.2 kg

Washing Machine Panasonic air conditioning and a single-1P hang a cold, threw in a Motorola phone; package B was 25,800 yuan, including

Sony 46-inch Full HD LCD TV a Samsung 500 liters on a single door fridge, Panasonic’s new 5.2 kg Inclined drum washing machine, one Taiwan, and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning a 2P cabinets, threw in a liquid crystal; US-DC inverter air conditioner preferential market price of 2,980 yuan;

Galanz Big 1P air conditioning straight down 1,300 yuan, priced at 2,598 yuan.

From above the price of each product is easy to see, too many stores the number of over-centralized distribution led to a specific region stores more competitive, stores have in the highly competitive situations put more efforts to fight for market promotion .

However, the store’s generous sharing profit in the same time also made good sales.

Reporters yesterday in Guangzhou China from the United States was informed that beginning from September 29 to October 5 holiday 7 days a promotional event in Guangzhou last year, Gome’s sales rose 135% raise, refrigerator, washing machine, air-colored growth over previous years were , 3C commodities appeared quadruple growth. According Gree responsible person, according to preliminary statistics, during the National Day Gree main push in paragraph 2 of the 2008 Gree air conditioning energy efficiency into new products favored characters, the overall sales volume to account for more than 30%.

It is reported that during the XI, Guangzhou Su Ning sales and a 70% increase over the same period, of which

TV , Refrigerator, washing machine and 3C increase in the three categories is more obvious, were 80%, 76%, 72%. Of these, sales of color TV sets accounted for half of Suning 11, a sales eldest. Refrigerator, washing machine ranks second, 3C third largest category.

National Day Golden Week this year, Guangzhou 100 electrical Exclusive VIP launch event. Tourism equipment 3C products are sought after, mainstream 10 million pixels, the memory large customers especially like the digital products are optional. Meanwhile, the Consumer Price of flat-panel television with an average price of 6,500 yuan more than last year dropped by nearly 20%, among the top sales. Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, the customers choosing the special attention when the environmental protection, energy, technology and other factors, frequency of environmental protection energy-saving air-conditioning sales rose 30 percent share compared with last year.

Color TV, three refrigerators and small appliances by blitz

‘s The most popular in the Milky Way several appliance stores found that during the National Day this year, to buy television, camera, and the majority of consumers refrigerator, color TV in the sales of that layer of never missing popularity, not just the people to buy more too many people, promoters are often very busy. In fact, if the price is right, most consumers are generally bullish pre-holiday brand, direct billing to purchase during the National Day; refrigerator, the more consumers purchase, purchase of products focused on the three high-end refrigerators , “did not expect this year’s National Day three refrigerators sold so well, it is estimated until the end of the year, three refrigerators will still be very fire sales.” promoters of a store, told reporters.

Comparison, air conditioners and washing machines sold in the region were the few, reporters try to counter a certain brand, introduced before the hearing Promoters 15 minutes and during this period did not even come to patronize other customers . About several counters in the same situation, no one within 15 minutes consumers.

“To spend the crowd, 30-year-old will buy a basic foreign brands, whether TV or refrigerator, washing machine and other kitchen products. And more than 50 years of age the majority will choose domestic brands because of lower domestic prices or a lot. “promoters told reporters in a store.

In small appliances, the selling is good rice cooker, soybean milk, juice machines, water heaters and other categories of products. “Not long ago the milk incident, made during the National Day of Soymilk not do a good sell. Estimated that next time, will be selling soybean milk machine, because many consumers to travel, and came back because the store’s sales are still continue, those who missed the National Day promotion to consumers will also come to buy. Two days ago, One middle-aged woman said, are now afraid to drink the milk, soybean milk machine first buy, so come back later to buy her daughter travel 1. “promoters told reporters in a store.

It is understood that from October 7 to October 12, States United States started the night market during the National Day promotion to meet the travel did not purchase the product to consumers, the daily 17 o’clock start, the country benefits the U.S. for the audience Heavy activities convenient one-time purchase of consumer groups have been working to ensure that the public can enjoy both the price and not that bad working hours delay.

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Wreck Your Car? Cheap Insurance Quotes After a DUI?

Once you have a drinking and driving infraction on record, it can be very difficult to find inexpensive vehicle insurance, if you can get insured at all. Insurance companies will see you as a high risk driver, so you will have to pay higher rates compared to someone with a clean driving record. If you have been caught drinking in your car, cheap insurance quotes are still possible if you know where to start looking.

Although some companies have better rates than others, it will still be quite a bit more expensive compared to regular auto insurance. No matter what company you sign up with, it will cost more than what you usually pay. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impossible to find less expensive insurance for your car. Cheap insurance quotes can still be found if you look.

There are some companies out there who will be willing to insure your vehicle for less than others will. Your best bet in finding these companies is to simply shop around. You should try to find those companies who specialize in insuring people who have a DUI on record, because they will usually have the best rates.

It’s a wonderful idea to compare DUI insurance rates by using the Internet. You can find websites that compare costs for you based on your zip code, making it easier for you to find a price that is affordable to you.

When you have a DUI or other dangerous driving on your record, it can be difficult to find insurance for your car. Cheap insurance quotes are usually only available for safe drivers. However, if you try really hard and do a lot of research beforehand, you can find those few companies who are able to insure you for less, even if you are a high risk to them. You will still pay more than normally, but you can make it quite a bit more affordable for yourself.

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9 Muslim passengers kicked off flight after remark. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

Question by : 9 Muslim passengers kicked off flight after remark. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?
WASHINGTON – Nine Muslim passengers were kicked off a flight from Washington, D.C., to Florida after other passengers reported hearing a suspicious remark about airplane security. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/muslim_passengers_removed;_ylt=AqY328UVDsj45pv9kQ9L2.HZn414


The family was upset that AirTran didn’t allow the Muslim passengers to book another flight. They eventually made it to their destination on a US Airways flight.

“The FBI agents actually cleared our names,” Inayet Sahin, one of the family members kicked off the flight, told CNN. “They went on our behalf and spoke to the airlines and said, ‘There is no suspicious activity here. They are clear. Please let them get on a flight so they can go on their vacation,’ and they still refused.” ( o _ 0 )

Hutcheson said the passengers were given a full refund and are welcome to fly on AirTran now that the investigation is complete.

Hutcheson and a federal Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman said the pilot was right to postpone the flight.
Before responding, I ask that you “read” the entire story. Thanks.
Johnny Holiday, you’re an advocate for kicking them off the plane because you suspect that they “might” have endangered the lives of the other passengers.

Mr. Irfran’s brother said “Wow, the jets are right next to my window.” Now if you were on that exact same plane, and you “saw” and “overheard” Mr. Irfran’s brother say these words, would you actually be disturbed by his words?
Reading the article and then putting yourself on the same flight; try to envision what was said. Would it really make you feel uncomfortable? Would you alert security?
Tamara, you know this and I know this. Any sane person knows this as well. The reason(s) why AirTran didn’t allow this family to book another flight?!?!?

Air Tran wanted to stick to its decision. Allowing this family to book another flight would have meant that “AT” was in the wrong. Lawyers would have eaten this up. But it looks like this might end up in a lawsuit regardless.
Hello_goodbye, this scenario sounds very suspect for profiling. This will probably go to court. But you know, those of us on the outside looking in, will probably never know the “real” story. Remember there is always “three” sides to each story. “The family’s side, the passenger’s side, and the truth.”
Potential T, the pilots and security were both in a compromising position. Do we investigate or ignore? Also, here’s the important part. The family obviously made it through airport security without any mishaps. So I wonder if this wasn’t taken into consideration as well?

Best answer:

Answer by Johnny Holiday
Sorry, but I definitely support the decision to kick them off. Think about it this way, what if they had been terrorists and end up killing another 3,000+ people. Then we would all be upset because they weren’t removed from the plane when they should have been, and a tonne of people would be dead who would be alive otherwise. We should not be so politically correct, especially when others lives are at risk.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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