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Q&A: started up grooming business within a doggie daycare.. its slow, need business!!!?

Question by mommy of 2: started up grooming business within a doggie daycare.. its slow, need business!!!?
i was hired recently as an only groomer within a doggie daycare and boarding facility. i’ve been working since the beginning of november, but business is super slow, and i know will be slow until March atleast, as most grooming is slow during this time of the year.

please, any ideas on advertising and incentives to get business? already advertising the paper and i hand out coupons to every dog going home each day for boarding/daycare.

Best answer:

Answer by cashewlicious
Why not give out coupons at your local shelter. When someone adopts a dog, they get a coupon! You could also try putting an ad on the radio…except that might be a bit expensive…

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How to Get Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Do you feel like you’re paying so much for something that you can get cheaper? Is this ‘something’ your homeowners insurance? Well, if it makes you feel any better, you can look for cheap homeowners insurance quotes.

You won’t have a hard time doing so because there are just a lot of home insurance choices available for you out there. Insurance companies make sure that they do a business and at the same time provide their clients with what they need.

There are insurance companies who even offer the cheap home insurance quotes that you are looking for.

But before you look for the cheap homeowners insurance quotes that are appropriate for your lifestyle and your budget, we suggest that you equip yourself with the information you need before even signing that contract.

You have to make an informed decision. The final say on home insurance quotes must be well thought of. You should take the time in doing so.

Here are some important notes that you should remember whenever you are browsing through cheap homeowner’s insurance quotes. The one you should choose must give you fast results. It must also help you save money.

If you see that the insurance company is well connected, then this is a sign that you will definitely get your money’s worth. The demeanor of the insurance agents you deal with also say something about the company.

If they are accommodating and well informed, that means they receive good training and the setting in the company is very professional. If the service is good, then the products (which are the cheap homeowners insurance quotes that you are looking for) are definitely reliable.

But of course you opted for cheap homeowners insurance quotes in order for you to save more.

There are insurance companies that customize their policies so it will be more affordable for you.

The best thing about cheap homeowners insurance quotes is that you are presented with options and it’s up to you which one you will choose. You can actually start treading the road to savings.

You can also estimate how much you will be saving if you opt for these cheap homeowner’s insurance quotes instead of staying with the generic that charge more when you can actually get the same benefits at a lower price.

For you to be informed, gather all the information you can. If all your questions are answered, then that is a good sign. Go for the insurance company that provides you with the cheap homeowners insurance quotes that you are looking for

Discover where to get cheap homeowners insurance quote online. Learn more about cheap homeowners insurance cost and how you can reduce it.

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How to Control Your Car Insurance Quote

We all know how uncomfortable it can be to open your car insurance renewal letter and see the insurer’s renewal premium for the next twelve months. It can leave you feeling frustrated, out of control of your finances and possibly even a bit shocked.

But whilst there are a number of factors which determine just how expensive your quote might be, there are just as many which you can control that could lower your premiums too. Armed with a little knowledge of the process and realisation that you are actually in total control of your premiums, renewal time could begin to look a little less daunting.

The Factors You Can’t Control

Before you attempt to save money on your car insurance quote, you first need to understand what factors insurance companies use to work out your quote in the first place. Some of these are easy to influence whilst others are much more difficult. Such as…

Your age
Your gender
Your address
Your driving history

Whilst gender could be seen as a disadvantage for men shopping around for car insurance, it actually works in your favour if you are female. Many insurance companies offer lower rates to women as they are statistically safer drivers. So if you are a female driver then one way to lower your insurance quote even further is to look for specific female only insurance policies.

In fact, whilst some or all of the above points may seem out of your control, it’s important to remember that any insurer is using this data to judge what sort of risk you are.

So, whatever your profile, you can reduce the risk and resulting premium with a little planning. For example, your age is out of your control and can prove expensive if you are under 25, so instead, reduce the perceived risk by taking an advanced driving course.

The same applies with your address. If you’re not intending to move to a lower risk area, increase your car’s security and, if possible, keep it in a garage overnight.

The Factors You Can and Should Control

In reality, just about every factor can be skewed in your favour with a little effort. But some are much easier to influence than others and most people simply don’t have the time or will to make serious changes to their driving situation.

But the good news is that there are many more simple changes you can employ that can have a massive impact on that scary renewal premium. Here they are:

Shop around – this can have the biggest impact if done right. Use at least two price comparison sites to create a shortlist then go direct to each insurer to verify the premiums.
The car – if you don’t mind changing your car to save money, consider cheaper, slower models that come with good security as standard. If you don’t want to change, improving the existing security with accredited devices such as an alarm and/or immobiliser can cut your premium.
Clear out the garage – if you have a garage or drive, store your car there. Storing your junk in a garage rather than your car could be costing you hundreds.
Your mileage – many drivers overestimate how many miles they travel per year. Try and give a more accurate figure for your annual mileage and you could cut your premiums.
Your driving skills – a large proportion of car insurance claims arise from driver error. Reduce your risk by taking an advanced driver course and test. Savings can be as much as 10%.

Overall there are some simple but powerful measures you can take now to take back control of your car insurance premiums at renewal time. Just one of these steps could save you hundreds and combined can make that scary renewal premium tumble.

To learn more about shopping around and which price comparison sites compare the most insurers visit You can also read customer reviews of leading brand name comparison services such as Moneysupermarket

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Getting Good Car Insurance Quotes

Accidents happen. You can never really tell when it can strike and we all know that it always is best to be safe rather than sorry. If you have just bought a new car or if you plan on moving and driving in Philadelphia in the coming weeks, then now is the time t scout, shop and study PA car insurance quotes. There are hundreds of car insurance companies in Pennsylvania who would be willing to give you a quote of how much insurance you will need to pay according to Pennsylvania laws and depending on the type of car that you drive, your driving record, car usage and mileage and the neighborhoods where you will often be visiting with your car.

Pennsylvania state law has a minimum requirement of 15/30/5 for car insurance. This means that when you ask for PA insurance quotes expect to be given one that will at least include coverage of at least $ 15,000 for minimum bodily injury liabilities for every injured person in an accident.

The insurance should cover at least two persons in the accident amounting to $ 30,000 in every accident. Property liability limits in the state of Pennsylvania is pegged at $ 5,000, thus the 15/30/5 minimum coverage requirement for all drivers.

Aside from what is required by the state, you can actually opt to pay more, especially if you are driving a very expensive car! It is often suggested that if you cannot pay for a replacement for your car in the event that it is stolen or if it is involved in a terrible road mishap then it is always best to get full coverage for your car. This will make it easy for you to get a new car. Even the safest of drivers will need full coverage especially if you frequent areas where there is a high crime rate. Full coverage will cover vandalism and thievery.

Of course when you shop around for PA insurance quotes, don’t forget to ask for available promotions and discounts. Many car insurance companies in Pennsylvania will give you discounts if you are getting coverage for several vehicles in your family or if you have a really impeccable driving record. It is also best to inform your chosen car insurance company if you have protection devices and safety features installed in your vehicle. Let them know if you have car alarms and tracking devices in the event that your vehicle gets stolen. Emergency brakes and airbags will also help bring your insurance payments down so make sure that you let your car insurance company know about all these.

Remember that wherever you may be in the United States, driving without insurance is illegal and you can face criminal charges should you be caught driving without insurance. While a good number of American families may be facing financially difficult times, scrimping on insurance isn’t really a great idea. Pennsylvania drivers who would like to save some pennies on their insurance payments may consider shifting insurance companies and it should be a good idea to get several PA insurance quotes to get good rates.

Are you looking for more information regarding PA car insurance quotes? Visit today!

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