Vols fans, or Womens college bball fans..answer this question.. Do you think Candace Parker is…?

Question by Some girl: Vols fans, or Womens college bball fans..answer this question.. Do you think Candace Parker is…?
just a little overrated? I mean I am the biggest Lady Vols fan there is, and sometimes I think some other players should be getting the credit. Like Shannon Bobbitt, Nicky Anosike, Alexis Hornbuckle, etc. I mean look at Shannon. She went from junior college nothing to probably the most influential person behind a national championship team. Nicky Anosike really stepped up this year and surprised me. And you heard Kara Lawson say it..Alexis Hornbuckle is the x factor of this team.

I think candace parker is a hell of a player, but when she gets all the credit it makes me so mad. Just like in football. The quarterback gets all the credit but what about the offensive line? They protect his ***! To me its a similar situation.
im not sayin she aint good..cause shes great. im sayin that her teammates never get credsit she is the only one that gets any credit for a national championship and etc.

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Answer by sarah h
AT first i thought she was very overrated but then i got to see her play in person and realized that she is an amazing player. Just as good as people make her seem. Her team deserves a little more credit but when Candace was out in the first half of the UNC game in the final four the Vols didnt play well at all…but then when she came back in in the second half things went alot better. She helps her teammates by drawing the double and tripple teams and she is a great passer so she can get her teammates the ball. She can do almost anything

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4 thoughts on “Vols fans, or Womens college bball fans..answer this question.. Do you think Candace Parker is…?”

  1. Candace Parker is underrated not over.
    She played for team USA at the world championships in 2006.

    You think they would throw an overrated player against the best
    post players in the World ?

    Without Candace, team USA wouldn’t have won any medal at all. She was crashing the glass every time. Her post moves are smooth,
    She doesn’t turn the ball over as much as most bigs.

    I think she needs to improve her defense to become a real shot blocker.

    I would trade Lisa Leslie or Lauren Jackson for Candace’s draft pick anyday.

  2. hi thank you i totally agree.
    candace is severly overrated and i’m sick of hearing her being compared to diana taurasi.
    diana has far more talent and range than her, and just because she doesn’t showboat it by dunking on other teams, doesn’t mean candace is at her level…

    watch out for UConn next year!

  3. The reason that Candace is soo good is that she can play pretty much any of the 5 positions on the floor and do it well. I dont know very many female 6’5″ point guards, yet Pat has a “parker package” where she does play the point, and run the offense for that series etc. She can go low etc..basically she can do it all.

    BUT..what really makes her good is her demeanor, AND the fact that she recognizes the Hornbuckles (my fav) and Bobbitt for the value that they are so that she does’nt not/does not have to do it all.

    Some Good players are good, and know it (Ivory Latta)..ie all trash talk and little game… Candace finds a way to be good, and rise above the me. And that is the reason why as a sophomore she’s going home for summer vacation w/ a NAt’Champ and Ivory Latta is graduating w/ nothing more then a college career to look back upon..

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