how you imagine the cars in 20 years?

Question by linda flor: how you imagine the cars in 20 years?
your opinion will help me a lot …thanks

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Answer by Judy H
I can’t imagine 20 years from now, afraid to think about it, will there be cars? Will there be fuel, will there be a world, will there be humans, don’t like to think that far in advance, take one day at a time and enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “how you imagine the cars in 20 years?”

  1. hybrids and alternitive fuels…cause hopefully all the oil tycooning bastards like george bush will be dead so these will be allowed to be marketed more..there are so many good clean burning alternative fuels already available that our govmnt will not approve or allow becuase of oil control…also with ever growing population…in 20 yrs or there about we will see more and more vehicles become multifunctional…over roads ..water …air…etc

  2. Gas will probably be 15 dollars per gallon, so imagine very small, light, goofy looking cars. There will be more continuosly varible transmissions and manuals. We will probably see a proliferation of three-cylinder engines like with the Geo.

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