Star Wars: Can I read Survivors Quest after Heir to the Empire?

Question by write4life: Star Wars: Can I read Survivors Quest after Heir to the Empire?
Would it ruin the whole series of books for me? Would I be confused? I am reading Heir to the Empire right now, and want to read the second book in the trilogy, but I own Survivor’s Quest and haven’t read it. Would it ruin the rest of the books? Are there any major events in between? Please don’t tell me them!
Thank-you in advance for your answers.

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Answer by Jedi Dude 28
Ummm … do you read any of the answers for other questions that you have asked? I’m pretty sure I outlined these two series in another question that you asked … anyways … here it is again.

“Would it ruin the whole series for you” … Not really BUT … “Would I be confused?” … “confused” is no where near a strong enough word for it. First, these two books are set 13 years apart from each other but that’s not the main thing that will confuse you … “Survivor’s Quest” is book 2 of the “Outbound Flight Project” duology. Book 1 is “Outbound Flight” and it is set 32 years before the events of the movies. If you read “Survivor’s Quest” before “Outbound Flight” you will be beyond lost and I can almost guarantee that you will be saying “WTF is that” and Who TF are those people at least every other line in the book. There is also a VERY big reason not to read “Survivor’s Quest” after “Heir To The Empire” or a lot of the other books set in between them. I’ll try not to “spoil” it for you but in “Survivor’s Quest” you will find two of the characters of SW have gotten married and you will probably, not having any info from the other books of the EU, be absolutely stunned by who these two characters are. A hint … they are both in “Heir To The Empire” and are two people that you would never have thought would end up together … you would also miss out on the incredible series of events that brought them together.

Since you don’t have “Dark Force Rising” & “The Last Command” I may be able to help in that respect … I have both of those books in MS Reader & MS Word format. I’d be more than happy to email them to you if you want to read them, and I strongly suggest you do, before moving on to other books. I would also recommend you read a few other books of the EU before “Survivor’s Quest” … the Thrawn Trilogy, “Heir To The Empire”, “Dark Force Rising”, & “The Last Command” … The hand of Thrawn Duology, titles are “Specter of the Past” & “Vision of the Future” … Outbound Flight. All of these books were written by Timothy Zahn and they are really great books.

That’s about all I can say without spoiling the story for you … let me know if you want those 2 books emailed to you and as always …

May The Force Be With You …


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