What is the best way to do disney world?

Question by Adam’s Dad: What is the best way to do disney world?
I want to go to Disney World in March and I want to get the most bang for the buck. I want my two kids to have a lot of fun, but I don’t have thousands to spend on a trip.

My total budget is around $ 600 including travel – I hope that doesn’t sound unreasonable.

Any suggestions?

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Answer by drip
$ 600 for travel, park tickets and a hotel room? For a day, maybe.
tickets for one person for ONE day is $ 87.33 under 10 $ 78.81
Tickets for one person for two days is $ 172.53 for under the age of 10 $ 155.49

one night in a WDW value resort will be under $ 100

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5 thoughts on “What is the best way to do disney world?”

  1. If you live in Orlando, you could do Disney on $ 600. Otherwise, you might need to re-think this. As someone already pointed out, your tickets would likely be at least half of your budget. Disney isn’t really a day park any more, it’s more of a vacation resort—meaning it’s actually a decent value for people on a week’s vacation. The more days you spend, the less each day costs, if that makes any sense. But for the drop-by-for a day family Disney will bust your financial chops.

    There’s a lot of back and forth here about “how old should kids be for a trip to Disney?” If your kids are preschool age they would certainly enjoy Disney, but they’d enjoy many other things too. If you can afford Disney when they’re that age it’s really a personal choice for the family, but putting yourself in the poorhouse so a two-year old can ride Dumbo is more about the parent’s wishes and not the kids’.

    Anyway, if you’re within a day’s drive, are only taking yourself and two young children, willing to go in the off-season (lower hotel prices) and ready to watch every penny, you may be able to spend one or two days at Disney. And that’s a big maybe.

    ETA: if that’s Adam in the picture, he’s a cutie. 🙂

  2. sorry to say but $ 600 isn’t gonna get you much at all. just a 1 day base ticket (allows you to enter ONE of the FOUR theme parks for one day) will cost you $ 87.33 for ages 10+ and $ 78.81 for ages 3-9. ages 2 and under are FREE.

    i don’t know WHERE you are traveling from or HOW you a traveling (car or plane or bus idk) but thats gonna cost you and i assmue you will need a hotel and obviously money for food.

    all that adds up and its gonna defintely be more than $ 600.

    if i had more info i’d be able to help give you a reasonable cost estimate cuz $ 600 is just not gonna cut it.
    -where you’re coming from and how you’re getting there
    -number of children and adults going and their ages
    -how many days you want for a hotel
    -how many days you want on your ticket

  3. I’ll do my suggestions on attractions. T

    1) The first thing you do is head straight for Adventureland. Either get fastpasses for Jungle Cruise or get in line. If you have fastpasses, you can do the Swiss Family Treehouse or Enchanted Tiki Room while you wait. Next, get in line for Pirates of the Caribean, it may look long from the outside but i’ve timed it and if the line starts directly in front of the door, the time for waiting is only up to 30 minutes.

    2) Head over to Liberty Square and get in line for the Haunted Mansion. Even if it’s crowded the line moves quickly as guests cram up in a pretty good sized room then onto the ride. Later, go on the Hall of Presidents, very good show.

    3) Hold up on Fantasyland as it will be a major crowd of kiddies and head over to Tomorrowland and get fastpasses for Space Mountain. While you wait there are many rides you can go on that dont have long queues. Stitch’s Great Escape never usually has a line, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor takes in alot of guests as it is a show, Carousel of Progress is what I REALLY recommend as it is a classic and still enjoyable, WEDWay Transit Authority is sometimes good, and the Buzz Lightyear queue line moves quickly as it is an omnimover attraction.

    4) Go into Frontierland and get fastpasses for Splash Mountain OR Big thunder Mountain. Head over to the Country Bear Jamboree while you wait. If you still have to wait for your fastpass, get a bite to eat or go to Tom Sawyer Island.

    5) It should be about evening now. The time when most kids leave fantasyland. If possible, get fastpasses for Peter Pan’s flight or Winnie the Pooh. Go on Snow White’s Scary Adventures (if open as it is closing soon), or see Mickey’s Phillharmagic, a 3-D show that is very good! Then to finish it off head over to The Mad Tea Party.

    6) Re-ride some rides you’ve done or some you’ve skipped. If you do the list like I do you can get done at about around 5:00 PM! Then, stay for the fireworks.

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