He didn’t answered my message about sending him Care Package. Did I do something wrong?

Question by JT: He didn’t answered my message about sending him Care Package. Did I do something wrong?
I have a friend military deployed in Iraq. We use to talk on email, social networks to keep updated. I wrote him an email last week b/c it was his B-day and told him I wanted to send him a Care Package with things he like. I told him I didn’t meant to offend him and it will be my pleasure.

He didn’t answered. At first, I thought he didn’t read it, but almost a week have passed and no answer. I saw him connected on Skype today, but didn’t want to asked about it. I left him to reply and he didn’t. I mean, he saw me connected so I guess his answer is NO. Should I asked him again why he didn’t answered or is it that I made something wrong?

Is it wrong to send these to military? I’ve seen others received these stuff! Please advice!
Thank you Semper Fi, I want to send him a package especially b/c I know he’s lonely over there…..but unfortunately I don’t have an exact location where to do so, that’s why I need his imput and that’s what I’m not getting 🙁

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Answer by Racso_MS

Service members deployed overseas are under enormous amounts of stress. Please don’t take it personal. You have no idea what they are going through. It is nothing like being away from home at school or on vacation somewhere. If you want to send the service member a Care Package, “By all means please do so.” But do so with no expectations other than the satisfaction that you did something nice for the service member. When he or she arrives home, or when they realize what you did, they will eventually respond, just give them time and space. If they don’t respond, please give them time, and it may take a while before they acknowledge what you did for them. They also may not even mention it. If not, let it be. What you did was a good thing. Take it from someone with experience in this area.

Thank you for doing what you did. I wish there were more like you.


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  1. I am new in the military and have only heard stories that you wake up and work till you are ready to sleep when deployed. cause when you arrive things needed to get done last week. I cannot speak for myself as I am too new in the air force to deploy and still receiving training.

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