Disney World Expert Needed….?

Question by boohoo: Disney World Expert Needed….?
We are wanting to go to Disney in Aug. We have been several times and love it. My question is which week is better with the crowds? Aug. 6-11 or 13-18. I know the free dining package starts on the 13th.

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Answer by byzcath
go during the week of 13-18 plus the rooms inside disney are cheaper

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6 thoughts on “Disney World Expert Needed….?”

  1. I have to agree with most who have answered: I recommend traveling August 13th-18th. August can still be brutally hot and humid, but the later you go, the better chance you have of it being slightly cooler. Crowds will also be less since most kids will be getting ready to go back to school right around that time. Plus, as you said, the free dining package begins, which will save you money.

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    Have a great time!

  2. The 13th-18th will be a lot less crowded because by that time a lot of kids will be at home school shopping or preparing for school, if not already in school.

  3. This question was made for me… I am the Disney expert. I am going in August, too. The 1st through the 11th. I would say go the 6th to the 11th, not only because that’s when I’m going, but because I’m sure that it will be slightly more crowded once the “free dining package” begins. I’m sure a decent amount of larger families will be taking advantage of this deal. If you’re considering the “free dining package” for yourself, make sure you read the details… it’s avaiable for families of a certain number, staying only for a certain amount of days, and only staying at a Value Resort. I just booked the Platinum Plan for my vacation, but that was extremely expensive. But I’m also staying 11 days, and at a Deluxe Resort (Disney’s Polynesian.)

    Anyway, have fun!

    Go the 6th to the 11th! Maybe we’ll see each other! lol

    NOTE: It’s going to be in the hundreds in August, whether it’s the 1st or the 31st. Don’t think the temperature is going to drop enough for you to notice in the course of a week. I live in New Hampshire, so I’m not used to the humidity and heat, but I always go in August and love it. Last year I went August 14th through the 22nd and everyday was over 110 degrees. And by the last three days, we were getting downpours from the hurricane.

    *Notice everyone’s saying the opposite. That’s because it’s their personal opinion on when they’d go if it was their decision. They don’t really have any experience.

    lol I love how people mention the heat, and then suggest going the 13th, as if the weather and temperature are really going to be different, compared to the previous week. And then people mention going in other months, even though you clearly state you want to go in August.

    As I said, I always go in August, and the weather is beautiful. We didn’t have a single rainstorm until our last weekend, when the hurricane started coming in. And the heat is just as bad as it the month before and even the months after. I’m certainly not used to the Florida heat, but I love it, and I probably won’t go any other time.

  4. Unless you like the unbearable heat , humidity, long lines,afternoon thunderstorms, mosquito’s and crowds The 13th . If not maybe Oct or Nov is a better time to go.

  5. Go the week of the 13th, rooms will be cheaper, and if that is when the free dining package starts, BY ALL MEANS, take it. It is the BEST deal out there! I am going in September for the second year in a row, simply for the dining plan.

    I really don’t think crowds will be much different. Let me advise you- if it starts to rain, don’t leave the parks. There are plenty of things to do that are indoors- and much of the crowds leave when it rains, so you can (almost) have the parks to yourself.

    Also, I believe the free dining offer has to be booked by June 28th, so don’t waste any time!

    Have a magical trip!

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