real dangerous or real scary?

Question by sincere12_26: real dangerous or real scary?
I read in a Barbera Sher book that people are usually not scared to dream about doing “daring” physical feats (skydiving, rock climbing) that would be dangerous.
But they are scared to dream big about doing things that aren’t really dangerous; but that require only risk to one’s ego. Why is that?

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Answer by finnegan
What a great question!
“Fight or flight” can apply to emotional danger just as well as physical. It all boils down to irrational fear. The fact that it is irrational inhibits the one experiencing it to utilize your very pithy logic.

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One thought on “real dangerous or real scary?”

  1. Perhaps the unconscious mind (the dreaming mind) knows that the body will not get physically hurt in the dream state. The unconscious mind, however, does know that the psychological aspects of the mind, including the ego, COULD get hurt while dreaming. The presentation of outlandish ideas is often frightening in the dream state because if your conscious mind remembers them, they may continue to bother & vex you when you are awake. Once you get over the initial shock of a physically frightening dream, you know you’re awake and okay, and it goes away.

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