What to get my brother for Christmas?

Question by :]: What to get my brother for Christmas?
My brother is kind of a “closet nerd”. He’s 17. He already has everything he could want. I don’t want to just get him a gift card. No video games either…grrr this is so hard?

Also, why is Yahoo!Answers so slow. Like when I scroll, it takes a year?
No haha a closet nerd is like they like to sit at home and play video games in their room. Now he does go with friends to things and stuff but somtimes the cgaming thing gets a little exxcesive
I don’t even know what Comic Con is… I mean he’s not that big of a nerd just like every once in a while he’ll sit at home and play WoW

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Answer by Katrina B
well since you think he is a nerd buy him something that has to do with like math or something lol. or give him some money

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  1. My brother is kinda a nerd too. Maybe buy him some tickets to Comic Con (if it’s in his area) it’ll get out of the house and he’ll be happy. If not there a plenty of other conventions all around and you could buy him tickets to one of those.

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