Q&A: All Inclusive Trips???

Question by betrthanurex: All Inclusive Trips???
I just found out that all-inclusive means that pays for the plane, food, booze and hotel.

Does anybody know any good, reliable all-inclusive trip companies, or any GREAT HOTSPOTS to take this inclusive trip to?!?!

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Answer by maritza
nope most of them are fonies

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A package holiday is that which markets itself as a package holiday or an all-inclusive trip. A package, according to the regulations, is defined as includin…
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6 thoughts on “Q&A: All Inclusive Trips???”

  1. i wouldn’t bother cos you end up being tied to the hotel. me and me missus went to spain a few years ago. it was our 1st time abroad so we went all inclusive…never again! the food was s-h-i-t-e so we paid for food out anyway and as for the ‘free’ drinks…yes you get ’em but for example i like a nice gin and tonic but they won’t give you gordons or bombay saphire or owt like that. they give you the local gut-rot crap so my advice to you is just to take money but spend wisely!

  2. Be careful in your selection if you’re looking for a package that includes airfare, food, alcohol and the resort accommodations. All all-inclusive resorts are not created equal.

    Adding in the airfare is not part of an “all-inclusive” — that’s a “package” deal, since the airfare cost depends on where you’re traveling from and to. Airfare can be added on to an all-inclusive resort stay.

    The resort defines its “all-inclusive” inclusions — some resorts only include “domestic” liquor (the good stuff is an additional cost…), other resorts exclude all of the really fun water sports, and others may charge a surcharge for eating at the better restaurants, or the better restaurants are by reservation only and it’s almost impossible to get one…

    All-inclusive resorts are most popular in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. The other Caribbean islands have a smattering of all-inclusives, and there are also some in Costa Rica and Belize.

    Sandals is probably the best known of the all-inclusive resorts, with SuperClubs running a not-so-distant second. Sandals, for the most part, seems over-priced for what you receive.

    The Barcelo chain has a good all-inclusive product, as does Riu Resorts. And Club Med is one of the first to have all-inclusive resorts over 30+ years ago….

    Which is the best for you depends on what you enjoy doing (lots of night life or very relaxing, romantic…), where you prefer to go, your budget and the time of year you want to be there.

    Check out the search engine at: http://www.greatescapetraveller.com/TI.htm — it will give you an idea of the features available and the costs.


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