Q&A: Why do people believe in scientology?

Question by JmC: Why do people believe in scientology?
If its creator admitted that he created a “fake” religion to get rich as opposed to being an author for a penny a word, why do people belive in it? I mean, has anyone heard their doctrine about aliens and “thetans” and overcrowded planets? Where does this come from, and why do seemingly intelligent people belive in bad science fiction?

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Answer by Bart57
Why do people belive in God.

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16 thoughts on “Q&A: Why do people believe in scientology?”

  1. click below for some great videos on scientology.

    People believe that crud because they paid $ 3000 to learn it and now are too invested in it to deny it.

  2. PRIDE!

    It is true, to believe in the Truth, Jesus, you must humble yourself and give your life to Christ. Hard thing to do when pride is in the picture.
    Perhaps that is why it is becoming popular with the likes of Tom Cruise and Hollywood. Have you ever seen a more prideful bunch?

  3. Hey there. I’m a Scientologist.

    There is no belief in Scientology,
    nothing in scientology is true if it’s not true for
    you, and it is true according only to your observation.

    You can visit http://www.scientology.org, there are plenty of free services you can attend at your local church and find out for yourself.

    The above mentioned “rumors” you’ve heard are nothing but hate propaganda. Find out for yourself my friend.
    “overcrowded planets” ? “aliens” ? hahahahaha don’t make me laugh my friend.

    I’m a normal person like you or anyone else.
    I just happen to have a different faith,
    which happens to be all-denominational.

    I eat food, drink water, go out and have a couple of drinks on the weekend occasionally, and generally have a normal life, I work, watch movies, …. etc!

  4. People have the right to believe anything they want too even without thought or reason. It’s called freedom of religion….and not to be confused with freedom from religion.

  5. I am not sure that Hubbard ever said that it was fake.. Other people have said that he said this but I see no real proof of this.. Well doesn’t believing in a creator seem crazy? for some it does and for some it doesn’t.. People that are christian think that scientology is crazy and people in other religions think that christians are crazy.. It is the way of religion.. Everybody thinking there religion is the only one.. These people that believe in so called science fiction could also say the same about christianity..

  6. I am sure that a Scientologist would deny that L. Ron Hubbard admitted that he created a “fake” religion, however, it all comes down to a search for meaning in ones life. People have a deep seated need to have an emotional anchor during life’s turmoil and tribulation.

    Perhaps it is just an artifact of evolution. I prefer to think that it is an inevitable result of God’s creation.

  7. People believe in irrational things for a variety of reasons. Usually, people will believe in something because they were raised to believe in it. If you expose a child to a belief and tell them “this is the truth”, they will be likely to hold that belief to be true. That’s why christians raise christians and muslims raise muslims.

    Another important factor is HOW the belief is presented. All religions frown on serious/logical questions. People are taught to not question. If they do, they are told to pray more…. or (as in scientology) they are told to wait, that all will become clearer later.

    There are many other propaganda techniques that are used. “Love bombing” is frequently used. As long as the person toes the line, they given hugs, smiles and are encouraged to participate. If the person questions the beliefs repeatedly, that person is then ostracized from the group. The “Love” is withheld, and frequently the person is told that there is something wrong with them. “Why are you attacking these beliefs? Are you sure that you aren’t doing so because of ‘x’ and ‘y’ in your life?”

    Usually, by the time a person is indoctrinated and established in the church/religion it is the major influence in their life. All their friends are now from the church and much of their leisure time is tied there also. If they have continually had their questions put off with “it will become clearer later”, the person is too wrapped up in the religion to be able to make sense of logic vs illogical. They “buy the partyline” and have been successfully brainwashed.

  8. Crickey!!! What is it with you guys?? Do you genuinely want an answer to this question or do you just want to discuss a lot of absolute rubbish on the subject that you have got mostly from the media (a REALLY reliable source!) and weird websites talkin’ about aliens and other bogus stuff?
    I have already answered this question from others on this site. Yes I am a Scientologist, have been for over 35 years so I can definitely answer this question, but would first like to sort out a couple of false statements you have made as part of your question.
    L.Ron Hubbard did not ever say that his discoveries and Scientology
    were a “fake” of any kind.
    Scientology is not a belief, or system of beliefs. It is an applied religious philosophy. People read books written by Hubbard on the subject, learn about it and use it and apply it to improve their lives.
    The churches were established(not by Hubbard) to deliver courses in the subject and Scientology councelling to those who wanted this.Why do they want to do this??? Because it actually works. It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are. Scientology does not interfer in any way with a persons beliefs.
    As to science fiction, Hubbard was a very successful writer and all his research was funded by the royalties from his fiction works.
    A good move on his part as nobody, especially governments, own his research and results and they are fully available to anyone who wants to take the trouble to check out a book from their local library.

  9. I think Tom Cruise could answer this one…and he is supposedly online right now! But to answer your question and to avoid another email from the Yahoo Answer police I would say they are individuals highly motivated to find answers to an emptiness or a yearning to understand that seems to be part of the human condition.

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