the big trip??????????

Question by hatin cuz my lipgloss is poppin: the big trip??????????
so my daughter is turning 15 in 2010 and she requested a nice vacation instead of a quince and im trying to start planning it now. I need a little help though. this might help
where? hawaii or mexico
When? summer of 2010
i also need some websites for cheap tickets.
is it possible to reserve tickets earlier like fall 09?
i am also looking for a “package” like 3 airplane tickets and a hotel all in one price.

thank u easy 10 points

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Answer by amy
If I was a 15 year old girl i would want to go to Hawaii on the beach .. im sure you can book tickets in advance and find package deals… why dont you google it and have a look around what you can find online.. sometimes you can find really good deals ,good luck !!! 🙂

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