All-inclusive vacations, Punta Cana?

Question by shr_p90: All-inclusive vacations, Punta Cana?
Me and a couple of my friends want to find a cheap all-inclusive (food, alchohol, everything) in august. We are all pretty new at this so we dont really know where to go and what to trust.

when they say all-inclusive in the package, do they really mean everything..because some only cover airfare and hotels. I dont know i need help. lol anyone? i checked expedia but i cant tell which one has EVERYTHING covered.

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Answer by Marlin Spike
UM.. Do you realize the term ‘ALL INCLUSIVE” is travel industry “CODE” for “RESORTS FOR LARGE FAMILIES ON TIGHT BUDGETS”? Now, there is nothing WRONG with a one price resort just so long as you understand you will have to tolerate being run down by baby carriages and small, out of control children running and shouting all over the place and what BEACH the resort has is more tightly packed than Coney Island or Atlantic City on the 4th of July. The next time you see one of their slick adverts on TV, look PAST the talking head with the perfect teeth and loon AT THE BEACH behind them.

You get what you pay for.. Or DON’T pay for.. and that is especially true of Caribbean Resorts

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2 thoughts on “All-inclusive vacations, Punta Cana?”

  1. Since you are “new to this”, start by calling a travel agent. He/she can give you some good advice and steer you in the right direction. Just because you call them, you are not obligated to book your trip through them. You can continue to look on line for better deals. But an experienced travel agent will be able to provide you the information and service you are looking for, and many times can meet or beat any internet deal you find.

    “All inclusive” usually applies to the hotel. It includes the accommodations, all the food you can eat, and all the drinks (including alcohol) you can drink. It includes all tips and gratuities. If you book an “all inclusive package”, it normally includes your airfare, plus a bus ride to your hotel, plus your hotel room, food, and drinks.

    Try looking on or They specialize in all inclusives and it may be an easier site to navigate than expedia or orbitz.

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