Disney world for couples?

Question by otis driftwood: Disney world for couples?
I want to plan a Disney world vacation with my beautiful girlfriend, who has never been! The Disney site kinda sucks for finding packages (which surprised the hell outta me!). Any ideas on where to start, and what kind of price ranges I might be looking at? It would just be the two of us, I’m thinking 4-5 days, shuttle service from hotel (not too far away). I’m talking economical, not cheapo.

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Answer by Wendy
I have seen plenty of couples there.

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3 thoughts on “Disney world for couples?”

  1. The disney site has an abundence of packages but for hotel properties. I understand that there are some nice couples packages for Spa treatments etc.

    If you are planning on being off property (which I don’t recommend as you loose a lot of time with limited transportation services and the fee from the airport will make it cheaper – and more special to stay on property) I like the Port Orleans Riverside, moderate and you feel like you are living Gone with the Wind.

    If you are going to be off property – look for info at: http://www.allears.net/index.html

  2. Your best is to go through Disney.com as you can book your resort, tickets and meals through them all at once. I am not really sure how their webpage “sucks for finding packages” since you just click on what you want. Perhaps it just seems weird to you because there are so many options.

    There are three different types of resorts that you will want to look at, Value, Moderate and Delux… of course each is a different price range.

    Tickets you have your base ticket, park hopper or waterpark option. The base only allow you to do one park per day, hopper lets you do whatever you want and the water park lets you visit the water parks as well. With only doing 4-5 days I would stick with the hopper.

    Meals I highly suggest as it can save a ton of money and with taking your girl it will give you great options for nice sit down places. For about $ 40 a day (per person) you get one snack, one quick serve meal and one nice sit down. My husband and I always get the meal plan and we paid $ 80 a day and would eat $ 80-$ 150 a day in food… thus savings add up fast.

    With transportation if you are flying I would check with Southwest as they have great air into Orlando. If you stay with Disney you will not need a rental car either as they will pick you up and take you back to the airport. They will also take you to and from the parks and Downtown Disney which saves about $ 14 a day in parking fees.

    As far as a cost it will depend on what time of the year you go as of course prices go up during peak times. Also various times of the year rooms go on sale or they have discounts such as free meal plans. Your big factor is what resort you stay at as they can range from $ 73 to a few hundred a night. With which one to stay at each has a different theme so I would suggest you just find what you like. We love animal kingdom (nothing like sitting in a rocking chair on a balcony watching giraffe walk by) but if you do not animals then it is not the place for you.

    If you need any other suggestions email me.

    Have a great time!

  3. i’m not understanding why you think the disney world webiste kinda sucks for finding vacation packages.
    i mean its extremely easy to create a vacation package and check pricing.
    there’s a box in the upper left that says “i am looking for” and there are 4 distinct choices…”PACKAGES”, “hotels”, “dining”, and “tickets”. the vacation package option is automatically the checked so all you have to do is start putting in your info then just click “find prices” and continue to customize everything.
    disney world doesn’t have just a few cookie cutter options you customize it all to what you want from the dates, to the number of people, to the specific hotel (there are 24 on property hotels), to the type of park tickets and the number of days on them, to optional dining plans, and even flight (although disney partners with the pricey airlines so i’d opt out of that and just book a flight seperately from like southwest.com), and FREE transportation from the airport to your hotel and back. and of course there’s FREE and conveinient transportation from your disney world hotel to all the parks and activites on disney property.

    i’d suggest going to the disney world website again and exploring all they have to offer from the parks to the hotels and restaurants and create your own vacation package just to see how much it would be for what you want. there’s no obligation to actually book the trip so just mess around with your options and find the right price for you.

    along the top you’ll see choices like “parks”, “where to stay”, “things to do”, “where to eat”, and “tickets and packages”. explore everything. and under the “tickets and packages” section click on “special offers” to see if any of the promotions they are currently running apply to when you want to go.

    here’s a link to disney world’s website:

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