unaccompanied minors. PLEASE i need help,im booking a flight.?

Question by Bella: unaccompanied minors. PLEASE i need help,im booking a flight.?
Im booking a flight for my niece. She’s 14. Im using cheaptickets.com. It says (when putting in the flight info) i must select one adult (18 +),due to restrictions. When i try puting that one adult is flying, it gives me the airline information. I checked the airlines website, it allows unaccompanied minors. Does this mean i can book the flight although she is not 18?

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You can’t book unnacompanied minors online on any website you’ll have to call the airline so they can book it. Don’t book her as 18 unless you don’t want someone escorting her, and only some airlines do that. Delta, Alaska Airlines,Northwest,Continental if your 14 and under you HAVE to be escorted and your going to have to pay a fee of $ 100. Southwest and Virgin America will let 14 year olds fly without assistance,but you can get it for them and it’s free. I’m 14 and fly alone all the time once I flew Virgina America without assistance because I thought I was “old enough” and I got so lost and my connecting flights were with different flights. When you do book it make sure it’s on 1 airline the whole way I went on Delta and then had to switch to Northwest even though my mom payed the money they wouldn’t escort me to my next gate! So I had to find my on way and get ANOTHER ticket at the next gate,then had to call my mom and she had to pay another $ 100! So just be careful when your booking flights. Also you can’t fly on the first flight of the morning or the “red eye flight” the last one of the night unless your in Alaska or Hawaii. Hope this helps! (=

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