Greetngs! I am likely to be offered a job with a civilian defense contractor in Villseck Germany please help!?

Question by Blake W: Greetngs! I am likely to be offered a job with a civilian defense contractor in Villseck Germany please help!?
Hello… I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Texas and I direct an adolescent substance abuse residential treatment center as well. I am likely to be offered a clinical position with a defense contractor that provides mental health services for our military families on base there… I was hoping that someone could tell me what life will be like for me there, what I need to make the transition, what housing is like, dollars vs. Euros, and my chances of meeting people to be friends with…I am 39, male, single, will make a good living…also, I wanted to know about how easy it is to travel…this is my chance to see the world! I have never been outside the US much less outside of Texas (no jokes please…) and I want to see the wonderful places that Europe has to offer… Are Americans treated well there? What can you tell me that would help me the most about Villseck and the base in this city? Thanks a lot…Blake W from Texas…

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Answer by eelliko
Follow this link to a forum of english and american expats in germany, most of them located in bavaria (so is vilseck).Just browse through the forum,most questions you asked have been discussed there.

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6 thoughts on “Greetngs! I am likely to be offered a job with a civilian defense contractor in Villseck Germany please help!?”

  1. I’m assuming the US government will pay for your housing and you can use the gas coupons on post? Or else it will be very expensive to live in Germany. Gas is about $ 6 a gallon and VAT is 19%, but you can use VAT form and save the tax. Americans are treated well, traveling is sooo easy, you’re close to everywhere, you can take the train and will be in downtown Paris within 8 hrs. Public transportation is excellent, Vilseck is a small town and most people I know get bored over there, but everywhere else is close in Germany. It’s easy to make friends, lots of German girls are attracted to Americans because they are more generous than the German guys, and younger generation speaks English quite well.

    There is an airline that offers cheap tickets to travel within Europe (

  2. Hi–Villseck is small and not very exciting but the location is good. It’s not too far from Prague, for example. You will be dealing with about 95% Americans because of the job and all the bases here in Germany are like little American towns just located in Germany with a grocery store (commissary) and a Post Exchange (PX) where you can buy many of the American goods you are used to assuming you get a “military” ID card with this job. Most contractors do. There is usually a small movie theater and library too plus a Burger King, some kind of bar and a bowling alley. I don’t think contractors get housing on base but there are generally rentals available. Like everywhere, it depends on how much you pay how nice it will be although air conditioning, garbage disposals and screens are rare here. Also, when you rent an apartment it usually comes completely empty and I mean there is a room for the kitchen but you will probably have to buy the sink, cupboards, appliances, etc. All the furniture stores offer kitchen “packages” where you can buy it all together so it all matches. You often need to buy light fixtures as well although some places come with them. Americans are generally treated well but if you don’t speak German it is naturally hard to get to know people although like someone mentioned some German girls are interested in Americans. Germans are more reserved than Americans although the Bavarians and Texans have some things in common like many think they should have their own country. 😉 Also, as many Germans stay in the same town where they were raised they are not necessarily on the look-out for new friends since they have known the same people their whole lives. If you want to meet Germans one of the best ways is to join a sports club which is called a “Verein”. They are all over Germany and really are clubs in the sense they are run and managed by the members. For example, my German husband is the treasure for our tennis club. They are usually very cheap and there are clubs availabe for almost any sport you might be interested in. There are also clubs for training dogs, breeding rabbits, all kinds of things and people make a lot of their social contacts through these groups. Many Americans just hang out with other Americans just because that is what they know and it is easier. Also, since the dollar is pretty low right now, it makes it more expensive to do things off post on the “economy” (how military members refer to regular Germany) although I still find the prices pretty reasonable. You should probably do it for a few years and travel like crazy. You’ll be able to drive to lots of places or take the great trains or cheap flights. German travel agents always have great “package” deals available, often cheaper than what is offered on base but of course, then everything is in German. Learning at least some German would be a good idea. There are usually German classes offered on post. Good luck, hope you enjoy your stay. See London but not for long since it is EXTREMELY expensive, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam (one can buy marijuana legally in a “coffee house”), Prague, Budapest, Istanbul (it’s only a two or three hour flight from German!), Krakow and a bunch of other places I’ve forgotten.

  3. Hi,

    you’ve heard from the Americans, so let a German answer too.

    I second all written above, especially about Vilseck being right in the middle of Europe and the easy travel in the off-days.

    A German with your qualifications in Germany would be making about 2000-4000 EUR per month, taing home after taxes and social insurance about 1300-2000 EUR. Some might make a lot more. If you are given all the privileges of U.S. military personnel, the lower end of the bracket is a very good salary just for yourself.

    Housing/Kitchen: Some places come with a built-in kitchen, it is a question of looking around. But if you buy it, you could consider taking it back with you to the US. Latest trends indicate that it is becoming hip to have a European style kitchen – green or blue with polished metal handles instead of stained oak with wooden knobs.

    An advice I would like to give you is to give yourself an “out”-option.

    There is a little condition nicknamed “travel blues”, which is essentially a combination of mild homesickness and mild culture shock. (I realise I’m talking to a professional, so I’m not too concerned.) But quite a number of people fall into a blue funk when they travel the first time, especially if it is for a longer time. Some great-looking-from-home round-the-world-trips were cut short by this way – people lost the energy and went home instead.

    If after 3 months you realise that Vilseck is not for you, make sure you can easily leave and go back to Texas. (Unless you like the challenge of sticking out besides.)

  4. The answers so far have been very good with the info, the 3rd one being the best based on experience. Vilseck is out in the country. The plus for that is you can rent a nice place(apartment or house) very cheaply compared to the Frankfurt or Munich areas. You are Lucky in that you will be coming over with the military so you will have access to all those wonderful benefits like the commissary, PX, and APO(Army Post Office). All of that you will learn about when you get the job. If you really want to enjoy yourself; Learn some German, GET Off the base and do things with Germans – langauge is not a problem as many Germans speak English.
    Traveling is wonderful in Europe! Be it by car, or the excellent mass transit system you can get around very well.
    Americans are treated well in Vilseck.
    Just a few things to warn you since you do say you are coming from Texas. Do not expect to find the same kind of place(size of rooms, yard, garage, etc) that you have in Texas. The Vilseck/Graf area has had a housing boom in the last few years because of increasing number of Americans being stationed there. But, they are still not the same as US homes. So, get rid of stuff! Yes, people will tell you that you can use a converter. True, but for what that costs in electricity you can buy a toaster at the PX much cheaper.
    Anyway if you want more specific info on Vilseck, life in Germany, Travel, whatever emal me;
    I can give you tips for the joys of getting a kitchen in Germany.

  5. I’m a military fam. member and living right now in Germany too. You like it here. You can use Euros and $ only at the shopping centers from US. Living in Germany is expensive, but it is very nice and safe place. I know many Americans here and they don’t want to go back to US. Traveling in Europe is easy and you can enjoy it. Getting friends, because you are saying you single, I don’t see any problems either. Many German people talking English so with the language you don’t get any problems. Americans treated good here and also Germany is multicultural country. There is some places at the East Germany “with Neo nazis” but you don’t need to go there. Everywhere is some bad places, so just back up from the trouble areas. I hope this in formations help you little bit. Having fun in Vilseck….

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