How did Rush Limbabble lose 57 pounds?

Question by I love yanking your chain: How did Rush Limbabble lose 57 pounds?
10) Every time he tells a lie he loses one pound.

9) The secret ingredient is OxyContin.

8) Only 10% of his diet is actually grown in America.

7) All the fat he loses trickles down so it can be enjoyed by the working class.

6) Stomach stapling may have played a small role.

5) The diet was prompted by his desire to finally be able to see his own “stimulus package.”

4) He plans to put all the weight back on in one glorious pork rind bender.

3) His main source of protein is aborted fetuses.

2) It involves being waterboarded with gravy until you can’t stand the sight of it.

1) Obama actually deserves the credit.

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Answer by Aharon
Sounds like someones jealous.

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15 thoughts on “How did Rush Limbabble lose 57 pounds?”

  1. according to Rush he just lost the weight and does not exercise

    I agree their mus be some chemicals involved and also a stomach

    stapling or a lab band inserted~~but do you really care?

    When I was on ativan and valium ~I could go days with little food

    pain pills may have the same effect~~but I got a doctor who says he

    can get the same results but you have to take a 12 week vacation from


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