Q&A: Disney Dining Plan Question?

Question by movie_critic_3000: Disney Dining Plan Question?
My mom and i are going to disney in a few months and we got the disney dining plan package, staying on the grounds, park tickets, etc. My mom’s has never done the dining plan; I did once but my aunt handled it so i didn’t really pay attention to what happens. Does disney send our tickets before we get there or do we get them when we get there? What about our luggage? We pretty much need a full description of what we have to do once we get off the plane and any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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Answer by itchianna
If you signed up for Magic Your Way, about 45 days before your trip you will receive luggage tags in the mail. When you check in your room key will be your dinning plan ticket and your park tickets.

Have you prearranged meals, the table meals can all be scheduled. No waiting for a table, in fact this is almost a necessity during the summer as crowds are huge. Call 1-407-WDWDine to see what is available during your stay. You can check out all the options at www.waltdisneyworld.com

Have a great trip.

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Yeah, trust me on it…maybe I should have known something was up by the Umbrella logo on the form…

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  1. get off plane
    go to ground level transportation
    find the Disney transportation to the hotels
    get on
    get off
    check in hotel
    get in hotel
    eat sleep swim whatever

  2. call wdw dine, once you have all of your reservations you want for your sit down meals, one a day, and you can research them on http://www.disneyworld.com and decide which ones you want. google the restaurant menus to decide which will be the ones you want, then call and get reservations so you can eat at your choice venues. Then google Disney approved dining snacks and print off this list and take it with you so you know where to get the snack you are looking for, it helped us a lot. Then know where the best places are to get your counter services. These were the best we found, for getting the biggest meals and best desserts on the Dining Plan. Some places can be a rip off where you will end up with a hot dog and a cookie for dessert so this is also important.
    Pecos Bills Tall Tale Inn
    Starlight Ray’s Cafe

    Flame Tree BBQ

    Sunshine Seasons
    Electric Umbrella
    Cantina De San Angel

    ABC Commissary
    Pizza planet

    Grand Floridian-
    Gasparilla Grill (great place to eat)

    Port Orleans French Quarter-
    Sassagoula Floatworks (fantastic place to eat)

    Downtown Disney-
    Earl Of Sandwich (ok, but crappy dessert, its a cookie)

    Pop Century Resort
    Food court with lots of options and great food and tie dyed cheesecake

    I hope this helps. For table services, we always reserve the buffets. The best deal for your money and you dont have to wait to be served. Goodluck and have a great trip. you will love the dining plan.

  3. disney will send you luggage tags and booklets, including a map of the airport, dining plan, disney otel and park info.
    when you get off the plane bypass getting your luggage cuz disney picks them up and delivers them to you hotel and puts them in your room for you so make sure the disney luggage tags are on and visible. and if you need anything before your bags get there which could be a few hours do to the amount of luggage that must be delivered to your hotel i suggest bringing stuff you may need immediately in your carry on.
    you need to reserve your magical express bus prior to vacation.
    you will be signed in and told what line to go in for the hotel you are staying at. then they will annouce what hotel it is again to be sure you’re in the right line and the driver will lead you to the bus.
    it takes about 45 minutes to get to the resort and depending on what hotel you are staying at it may take a while to get to your hotel because they drop people off at more than one hotel in a trip.
    this should answer any other questions about the magical express.

    when you get to the hotel you will check in and get your room key. which is the key to the kngdom. meaning each person gets one, it serves as your room key, your ticket to get in the parks, and you dining plan pass.
    the dining plan is relatively simple.
    depending on your package. if you got the basic dining package: “the magic your way plus dining” you get 1 sit down meal per day you will have to reserve your time and table prior to going if you know where you want to eat you can book it before you leave for vacation. if you’re not sure where to eat when you get to the hotel they give you all the info and phone numbers for the sit down restaurants. you should figure it out then and make reservations. you also get 1 quick service meal per day. no reservations needed. and 1 snack per day. this could be a bottle of soda, ice cream, chocolate milk, ect…
    believe me you will have plenty to eat.
    you can also not do as many sit down meals and you can trade them in for a quick service and 2 more snacks. this is only available after you are done with you quick service and snacks that are already provided to you.
    also you can both use your dining plan card if you like but only one person has to cuz it is taken off the card the same way and the meal plan is on both cards so you don’t both have to “pay with your card” when getting a snack, quick service, or snack. and keep all of your recipts from the restaurants so you can keep track othe amount of food you have left. it may come in handy if they accidentally take off toomuch. this happened to me and i had to go to the lobby and they had to put more meals on my plan. at no extra charge of course but you need to be able to somehow prove someone screwed up and it wasn’t you just eating all your meals and wanting more for free.
    just make sure you do not loose your key card since it controls everything.

  4. Get off the plane.
    Go to the Magical Express desk.
    Ride the ME bus to your resort.
    Go to the Check-in counter and check-in.
    They will give you all passes / tickets etc.
    Go and have fun!!

    The link below has tons of dining plan info.

    Have a wonderful trip!!

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