Traveling to Europe, what countries are least expensive?

Question by Kona Kai: Traveling to Europe, what countries are least expensive?
The countries I am thinking of visiting are UK, France, Germany, Holland, Italy. Which country is the least expensive to fly into? Where is the best place to purchase plane tickets?
I am flying out of LAX, Los Angeles

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Answer by thor_gare
Actually the least expensive place u forgot to list is Prague,Czech Republic.It doesnt use euro’s so things are rather affordable there,They are still using czk ( Czech koruna ).London is of coz expensive due to the currency exchange.But then again, u can go visit all the countries u have mentioned by budget flights.Its always cheaper to book ahead of time,prices go up when ure close to the departure date.Hope it helps.U can check Prague out,it wud be worth ur while.Cheers! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Traveling to Europe, what countries are least expensive?”

  1. From your list of countries I think that Germany would be the cheapest to fly into. Their own airlines (, are pretty cheap to use to get around the rest of Europe. You can just buy those tickets online.

    Other countries that will be cheaper because they’re not on the euro are Croatia, Bosnia and Albania. Or others like Romania, Turkey or Macendonia if you want to see something cheap and different once you’re there.

  2. Kind of hard to answer without knowing where you’re flying from.

    Can you edit your question to add this? If so, you’ll get better quality answers, instead of just guesses.

  3. Really depends where you are coming from. For me it was very cheap to fly direct to Amsterdam, but I live in Minneapolis which is a NWA/ KLM hub. I suggest just surfing websites like expedia, travelocity etc. Otherwise let us know where your coming from.

  4. They say the further east and south you travel in europe the cheaper it is.

    Try This website has lots of the cheaper airlines (like easyjet, ryanair, etc) but it has others to and you can see which days are actually cheaper on a graph (when you select a month)…its really good.

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