Why do I get panic attacks when I go to the movies?

Question by Slippy Sandy: Why do I get panic attacks when I go to the movies?
I always end up walking out. I don’t want my boyfriend to leave me b/c I’m the not the same person when we met. I want to be stong that’s why I go, but I keep having attacks.

Why is panic attacks considered Mental Health?

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Answer by sctrojans3
Well panic attacks are a symptom of a problem with your mental health. I wish you would add more info because I am about to be a licensed counselor and would be able to realyl help.

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2 thoughts on “Why do I get panic attacks when I go to the movies?”

  1. If it just occurs at the movies, it’s something maybe that has to do with the dark, and alot of strangers there in the dark.. Mental because, panic attacks seem to have no rhyme or reason. But, you do definitely experience physical feelings from the build up of the adrenelin that shoots too much through you at this time and causes the fight or flight response.. It’s a normal response to fear in all people, but it comes at inappropriate times in people with the panic disorder.. I tried to hide mine from the time of it’s onset as a teen to all through my adult years.. I am now ok but it ruined alot of my teens etc.. There’s doctors to talk to now who know all about it and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.. Hopefully yours will go away by itself in time..But don’t let it ruin your life for years like mine did.. Millions of people suffer from various forms of panic disorder.. Get help if it gets worse.. 🙂

  2. If you are getting panic attacks when you are in the movie theater, you probably suffer from some form of claustrophobia, or fear of enclosed places. Panic attacks are considered mental health because in essense, they are not a physical problem, but an emotional one brought on by a specific fear. I myself suffer from them when I drive major roadways. In order to completely battle them, you will need to be in therapy (something I myself should get myself into as well). Doctors will try to prescribe you something for anxiety. That is up to you. I suffer from so many phobias it’s amazing I leave the house at all. It’s good that you go back and try again. That’s usually the best thing to do because it forces you to put yourself in the situation and deal with the “fight or flight” response. There are books out there that you can read. Try reading books by Dr. Claire Weekes. She writes about panic and anxiety. I’m reading one of her books now. My husband doesn’t understand why I get them either, but he has accepted that this is part of who I am, until I can beat them (which I have had them for 18 years so I think I’m long overdue for some sort of treatment). Good luck.

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