Does anyone else hate John Cena?

Question by Mike: Does anyone else hate John Cena?
This is probably the only way I can get people to look at my question and possibly answer it.

So, for those of you who have bought a WrestleMania Travel Package in the past, does the Travel Package “center” send each buyer a list of who’s signing for the GA ticket on what days at Axxess before releasing it to the public? Like they did that this year with the VIP signings. They emailed us then posted it on and all the other websites. I just want to know if they’ll do the same with the GA autograph signings. Also, if they do or do not, when have they done it in the past? Everything in past WrestleManias have been pretty much on point. February they announce the location, the summer travel packages go on sale, November general tickets go on sale. Then january VIP and GA tickets go on sale. But they wait until the crappiest time to announce who’s signing for the GA ticket. Can anyone help with when they’ve done it in the past?

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Answer by ta2dpilot
Do you hate the actor who portrays the villian in a movie? It doesn’t make sense.

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4 thoughts on “Does anyone else hate John Cena?”

  1. I dont hate him, but his whole superman cena character is a bit overrated, wwe championship or not everything is about cena. I guess thts why people dont like him. He is a good wrestler and was in some pretty good main events lately.i did enjoy his first 3 wwe championships and some of his rivalarys like with the nexus

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