Q&A: Differences of “baggage”, “package”, “burden” and “belongings”?

Question by jolly-san: Differences of “baggage”, “package”, “burden” and “belongings”?
I’m an English learner.
I’d like to know differences of these words, “baggage”, “package”, “burden” and “belongings”

Situations when you use these words may be helpful.

Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by the beet
You take baggage when you travel, as in suitcase or luggage. Baggage can also refer to emotional or other problems resulting from prior relationships. As in, “She has a lot of baggage because her boyfriend cheated on her.”

A package is usually mailed, like a parcel. May also refer to male anatomy.

A burden is anything heavy you carry. Often used with emotions as well.

Belongings are things you own. All things that belong to you.

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