How to get rid of night terrors?

Question by Pal: How to get rid of night terrors?
I’m 15 years old and I have night terrors for a really long time.

It started about seven months ago when I got up in my sleep(in bed) and smashed my head against the edge of the bed with my head and almost broke my nose.
Since then I have night terrors.

Before them,I talked a lot in my dreams, but now I’m not talking, but screaming in my dream and I wake up my whole family…
When I wake up(the night that I have terrors) I can’t remember the dream at all..

So my question is if someone could tell me some ways to stop them..

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Are you depressed? Bad thoughts, angry, unhappy, whatever is in your mind before you sleep is most likely be in your dreams, do something that calms you before bed, don’t watch anything scary, watch something happy or do something that’ll put you in a good mood before you sleep, this will hopefully help (:

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One thought on “How to get rid of night terrors?”

  1. I’m 15 too and have night terrors however mine weren’t from any forms of.. Pain beforehand
    A night terror triggers the “fight or flight” ‘mechanism’ and so yeah you scream, cry, lash out at people.. Unlike you though I seem to wake up in the middle/ near the end of mine

    Do you see anything before you go to bed every night that starts these night terrors? For example if you see something EVERY night you have a night terror like a bird, or an object just a few hours before you go to bed that may have caused this? Mine seems to be spiders for some reason

    It also helps if you read before you go to bed.. Not like, on a DS or a laptop or a ‘kindle’ or whatever. An actual paper book. It gets your mind tired enough to fall asleep as your taking the time to read each individual word. If you play games before you sleep, your mind is still active, which may be another cause of the night terrors that you have

    You should note down in a notebook dedicated to your night terrors the times that you woke your family up, what they said you were doing, and then how you reacted. You can also say what you did before you go to bed every night then you may come up with a conclusion

    Hope this helped 🙂

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