Should I bring my laptop on my Birthright trip to Israel?

Question by TravSha: Should I bring my laptop on my Birthright trip to Israel?
Im going to Israel for Birthright next month, and was wondering if my laptop would be awesome, or horrible to bring…. It would be a life-saver on the airplane and in the airport (I have some long lay-overs to get to my departure city – one lay-over is 12 hours!), but I could see it being a hassle to carry everywhere during the trip (or maybe not a huge hassle – depends how I pack maybe….). Also – I have a girlfriend at home that I would love to skype with if the chance presents itself one or two nights.

The idea I have so far is to use it as my carry on so it’s avaiable while flying, and have a extra day-bag packed in my suitcase. Then when we travel in Israel, to keep the laptop in the suitcase, and carry my day bag.

Im just curious if anyone else has experience or saw the experience of others who brought laptops, or wish they did, or were glad that they didnt. Thanks for the info!
I see how carrying it around could be a hassle, but some of the details you assumed about the laptop were wrong. Most planes have outlets, and outlets are usually easy for me to find in airports (I will spend about 20-30 hours just in airports, and twice that on planes). Also, my battery lasts about 10+ hours by itself. I wouldnt be using it on the plane for wireless as much, but I have about 500 movies and loads of tv shows, and many video games to play. I hate most popular movies and tv – so it’s nice having my own, much larger selection, and airplanes/airports dont offer video games to my knowledge. Also – a book seems like not enough to pass the time at airports, as I will spend 20+ hours there (as much as 12+ at a time – 12 hours is a long time to read, and they dont have movies in the airport, only the airplane).

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Answer by Ben Jones
Three of my granddaughters and one grandson have taken the Birthright trip in the last two years

Don’t bring anything extra at all. You will be bouncing around so much and your luggage will be handled by so many, so many times that your wonderful laptop will be come a physical and mental burden to you. Reward yourself by minimizing your luggage to the extreme.

You will have access to internet caf├ęs on the way and so many will have smartphones that you will not be out of touch.

Sure, it is great on the aeroplane, all 1.5 h of battery life of an 8 h trip. In the terminal where you have your lay-over you will have to really search to find a power outlet. Are you sure you have the correct plug for there?

Watch one of the 50 movies, or so offered on the aeroplane and bring a book for the terminals.

Better yet, just bring your smartphone – but – make absolutely sure that you have bought a $ 60 “overseas package” from your provider, or the cost of making calls at $ 4.00 or MORE per minute will make you poor for years to come.

You must not – under any circumstances use any telephone data services away from home. Looking at your Facebook page costs $ 50 and a normal day’s worth of emails will cost you $ 1,000 and up !!!

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