If I choose a round trip flight can I choose not to return?

Question by queenhenide776: If I choose a round trip flight can I choose not to return?
I’m moving from Miami to Madrid to live there. If I’m not returning to Miami am I suppose to choose one way or round trip? My mother says that a round trip is cheeper to pay and you can choose not to return. Is this true? And are round trips cheaper than one ways? I’m choosing American Airlines to book my flight.

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Answer by NICK
No, you live in an unfree world. AIrline staff will track you down relentlessly and force you back onto the plane of course. Everyone knows that. And if you are an illegal immigrant you will go to prison

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4 thoughts on “If I choose a round trip flight can I choose not to return?”

  1. You can choose either one. With round trip you could just stay, and miss your flight to go back to Miami on purpose. With one way, that’s when you go to Madrid and you have to book another flight if you want to return to Miami.

    It depends on the airline. Sometimes one way is cheaper.

  2. Yes round trips are cheaper! And you can get round trip and not use the ticket back, I do it all the time and its fine 🙂 Then the standby passengers can take your seat if you decide not to use it, thats why airlines always overbook flights cause they know there are always no shows (people that dont show up for the flight) then they give those seats to the first people on the standby list. I know cause my mom works for American Airlines, I’ve been to work with her a lot and also I’ve traveled international many times using roundtrip tickets even though I don’t use the flight back. For example I just traveled from Vigo to Madrid and Madrid to Miami with a round ticket then I went standby to DC and I didn’t use the ticket to fly back. Recently (March 29th) I went from Vigo spain to paris france and paris, to IAD which is an international airport in virgnia on a roundtrip ticket but I didnt take the flight back to spain which was in april, so they are still allowing it! Anywayssss I hope you have a good time, thats a fun move! 🙂

    btw I just turned 16 so if I can do it anyone can! 🙂

  3. Yes, it’s true that return-flights are cheaper than one way. I just have checked out the fare for a flight on 07/27/2011: one-way direct flight $ 2,844.00 – with a return flight on 08/16/2011 with a stop over at Puerto Rico $ 839.00.
    However airlines do not like to see their customers to book return flight and do not use them. A friend of mine who did it several time was “black-listed” and could not fly with a certain airline any more. I suggest you book a cheap return-flight ticket and call the Madrid office of AA (tel: 902 115 570) a couple of days before your “return-flight” is due and tell them that you can’t make it since you are hospitalized..

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