Q&A: What to get a girl going on a trip?

Question by Deej: What to get a girl going on a trip?
So I’m friends with a girl, I like her, can’t tell if she likes me, but I want to make a little “care package” for her. So far I’m thinking a thing of almond joys because she loves them but idk what else. Help please

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Answer by Anna
Dude. It’s a girl. Buy her something pretty. If she says no she don’t like you no more.

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One thought on “Q&A: What to get a girl going on a trip?”

  1. I thought the Almond Joys were a nice beginning ( because it shows you paid attention, and know what she likes in candy – and candy is always good when one gets hungry on a trip ).

    After that, depends on where she is going and what she needs. Water? Water bottle? Small pillow so she can nap in the car? A book to read on a bus/train/plane? A booklet for a travel journal? A funny (but useful) hat to guard against the sun/rain (?) A one time use disposable camera? {Underwater capable ones are great if it fits her vacation activities.}

    Good luck.

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