trying to plan a trip to vegas where do I start?

Question by Monnie: trying to plan a trip to vegas where do I start?
want non stop first class airline southwest, hotel on the strip, great round trip package deal from oklahoma city, list of shows around 03/29/12 , 2 nights at Bellagio or Excalibur

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Answer by A Hunch
Here’s some info:
Southwest does not have first class. If this is the airline you want to take, you can go directly to their website and choose which flights you want = there are 2 nonstop flights ~ it will cost you $ 500 or more for each roundtrip flight

Bellagio is a 5-star hotel
Excalibur is a 2-star hotel

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3 thoughts on “trying to plan a trip to vegas where do I start?”

  1. 1. Determine your budget. You don’t have to spend a lot in Vegas, but without planning it is easy to spend a ton. Bellagio is very expensive, Excalibur is one of the cheapest (and crappiest) hotels. They are complete opposites.

    2. Do stay on the strip- good decision. The only other reasonable place to stay would be downtown if you mostly wanted to stay downtown. Things are cheaper downtown, but it is a different Vegas. If you don’t stay on the strip you will spend all of your money and time on taxis to get to the strip.

    3. Unless a particular show is on a break, they have them all probably 2 shows a night, 6 nights a week. Do you want comedy, circus, musical? Terry Fator, Cirque du Soleil Mystere, Jersey Boys. Please no Chris Angel. Look for coupons or sales, in my opinion you should never have to pay full price unless you want front row seats or the show is brand new.

    4. Try some of these websites:

    For Hotel/Show Deals:

    4. For restaurant gift certificates:
    but PLEASE research the restaurant first and make sure it has good reviews and is nearby your hotel before you buy. also be aware that has 50-90% off sales so you can get much better deals than $ 10 for $ 25.

  2. I always fly southwest to vegas. Excalibur is a good place if you have kids going because of the big arcade, if only adults, pick Bellagio. It is way nicer and newer. The Cirque shows are all good, I’ve seen Mystere, also this year I saw Tournament of Kings, it was really fun and interactive. Many shows are every night especially weekends.

    For show and attraction tickets.. there are several locations of a place called Tix 4 Less that have discounted tickets to the nights shows, depending on the show you can save a lot. I buy from them

  3. Here is the official site to start:
    and the 1st class hotels:
    You decide your general budget and the dates arrival and departure. Southwest is non-stop – all coach class. It’s only a 3 hour flight anyway. March 29th is a Thursday – still midweek. Rates go up on Friday and Saturday nights. Excalibur is now a family hotel about 3 star and nothing special. Bellagio is nice, but mostly an older crowd. The in-place on strip is the Cosmopolitan. There are a lot of nice hotel-casinos. Use google maps to see their location. Many have Resort Fees including internet access and what-not that isn’t always shown in quotations.
    You can find hotel promotions here:
    There is a box on the right that shows hotel locations.
    Tripadvisor is pretty good with the forum and things to do:
    There are several Cirque Du Soleil shows. I liked Beatles Love if you’re into the music.
    Basically it is Airfare – shuttle or cab to the hotel, shows, gambling, night clubs, sights, shuttle back to the airport
    You either book hotel through Southwest or directly
    You choose hotel by ambience rating and price and location
    you choose your shows and night clubs by preference
    drinking and gambling is everywhere, but if playing serious slots, get off strip to the Palms
    Palms has several nice night clubs. This all assumes you as 21 or older to do everything

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