DESCENDANTS of the Mayans exist today, but what happened to the original Maya people?

Question by Their Mom♥: DESCENDANTS of the Mayans exist today, but what happened to the original Maya people?
They did not kill one another and surely the Spaniards did not kill all of them. The surviviors, where could they have gone? They were very intelligent people …I refuse to think that stupid europeans could have killed them all.
not living in atlantis …stupid europeans. one day they will meet their match. perhaps in 2012?

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Answer by Dee
Simply put, the Europeans killed many by violence and disease.

The rest were literally scattered to the four winds.

Unfortunate but at least they didn’t meet the fate of the Guanche civilization (imposed by the Spaniards) in the Canary Islands…

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8 thoughts on “DESCENDANTS of the Mayans exist today, but what happened to the original Maya people?”

  1. They stayed in S America. Where could they have gone? They just stopped being “The Mayan People” and started being “natives” like all the other tribes in S America. How is this a mystery? The Europeans were killing Mayans, so people tried to avoid being killed and moved to areas where they could live. They couldn’t hop a plane or sail across the ocean, so they must have stayed in S America. You can refuse to think that they were killed by the Europeans, but you have to admit that there is no secret society of “real” Mayans living in Atlantis…right?

  2. One theory is that the majority of the Mayan people became so feed up with the human sacrifice and overbearing dominance by the religious leaders that they just scattered to other parts of the continent.

  3. Good question,The descendents speak spanish or english,what they done to the 1ST Nations is genocide believe it or not.The gov killed all the Buffalo at the time cuz they could not defeat the Indians or Mexicans History lessons tought the young lies.They need to redo the books if you want to read the truth.But that is a simalar issue

  4. Recent discoveries suggest the following to be at least partly plausible:
    Mayan culture was spread out across central america, in cities and villages, with a few regional rulers here and there. They dint’t usually WAR in the sense that we might think of War. Usually once a year or every few months, a village’s warriors would get a greivance about something from a neighboring territory, and they would have what might be considered a ‘ritualistic War’, where all the men would get dressed up in their war costumes and facepaint and whatnot, and march over to the other village. The other villages warriors would get their warrior faces on and come out to meet them. Then there would be ceremonial dancing, with name calling, spitting, cussing, a fistfight or two, and maybe a few (like2-4) exchanges of spears or arrows. Usually not too many casualties (1 or 2), and everyone would feel better, pack it up, and go home. Greivances Resolved…back to life in the village.
    Around 1500, one of the regional leaders introduced a new form of warfare, in which villages were systematically slaughtered, eradicating much of the culture.

  5. I don’t understand your question. I don’t know who the original Mayans were, but all of the Mayans who were alive when the Spanish arrived for the first time are obviously now dead. Most of them from disease, war, and starvation, but many from old age. Those who weren’t killed by the Spanish had children, who had children, who had children and that’s where you get their descendants. Because of all of the changes that have gone on over the past 500 years their culture has changed dramatically, but they are still Mayan people.

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