Any good ideas on buying cheap plane tickets to Vegas?

Question by homer: Any good ideas on buying cheap plane tickets to Vegas?

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Answer by Tipperz
you can try allegiant airlines.
100 bucks for a 2 way trip.
good luck in vegas and have a blast!

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4 thoughts on “Any good ideas on buying cheap plane tickets to Vegas?”

  1. The key is booking on time and avoiding travel on Friday or Saturday. Start by checking rates with Southwest Airlines. Here are other tips on getting a cheap flight to Las Vegas

  2. Book asap. It could save you hundreds of dollars.
    Pay attention to deals that the airlines have going on….doesn’t jetblue have something going on now? heh..
    Avoid busy holiday times and weekends.

  3. Cheap plane tickets? No way. Less expensive sounds more like it. First you have to book as early as possible within 90 days of departure date. They do things different now than they did years ago. Now they price the tickets cheap at first and then the price rises as the departure date approaches. It is a system they now use to get the people to buy tickets as early as possible so they have their money to play with. Just try walking up to a ticket counter at the airport and buy a ticket for the same day departure. The price 90 days ago may have been around $ 200 but now you find the price is now $ 1,000.00. Only two place to price tickets …. and any other site including the airlines websites. Only Southwest sells their own tickets and no one else. Also check extra fees the airlines charge like for luggage.

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