What kind of conflicts could cause war in the far future?

Question by CHRIS: What kind of conflicts could cause war in the far future?
I know this is a slightly unorthodox place to ask a question like this, but I haven’t found any useful answers in other sections.
I think the scientific community are likely to have more useful ideas and likely many people here can appreciate sci-fi.

I’m working on some ideas for a space opera type manga but I’m somewhat stumped at this bridge. The premise for the story is as follows:

It takes place about a thousand years in the future; a number of planets have been terraformed including Mars and Venus, who would be the main superpowers along with Earth. A few planets in non-local systems are inhabited, but not heavily populated.
Faster than light travel has been made possible and the interplanetary economy is relatively stable.

So, with that in mind, what could cause a war between planets and how might the conflict evolve?

It doesn’t all need to be based on proven science, but I’m trying to steer away from anything about aliens.

Thank you!
I like Paula’s immigration idea and water scarcity would definitely be a factor (I’m definitely going on the fact that Earth is overpopulated), but how could a war actually be sparked in this kind of situation?

Best answer:

Answer by Acetek
How about religious just like today. Or territorial. Or just plain old xenophobia

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10 thoughts on “What kind of conflicts could cause war in the far future?”

  1. That planet did not allow immigration from our planet.

    That aught to be a good enough reason.

    So we’ll sent half a million troops over there, to teach them a lesson.

    Of course it didn’t work.

    The troops we send love the place (and they loved the locals). And they sent back an ultimatum not to send any more immigrants.

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