Q&A: What does it mean when a guy friend buys you a necklace?

Question by Eris: What does it mean when a guy friend buys you a necklace?
I went back to school in 06 and have met a few people. This guy I’m talking about started making conversation towards the end of the last fall semester. We had a class again in the spring and on the first day of class we had lunch.
It has all been very friendly but sometimes I noticed that off and on he ditched his guy friends to come hang out or to “study” where I go to read. Well we started having study session with a friend of his but I later found out that when his friend agreed to tutor him, he didn’t know I “was part of the package” as he referred to it. His friend, who is now my friend, told me this in confidence so I am not even supposed to know.
This semester I became one of the guys but am the only girl in the group. I can be rough and vulgar and hang with the boys but have my other side which is appropriate and classy. I can look like crap and pull all nighters with them or I can be dressed up and look like a million bucks, that’s just how I am. Well, this dude made me feel so comfortable that I was vulgar and dropped F-bombs and I was never offended by the guy talk. He in turn talked about girls and he was totally himself. I felt that he felt like he was talking to another guy in the group…well kind of. Throughout the semester we talked about a lot of things.
Although at first I felt he may have liked me the more I became accepted as one of the guys, the more I noticed he lost interest. I was ok with that because I rather be respected for what I contribute intellectually to the group than have anyone hang out with me because they want to get into my pants.
As charming as he was and all I was comfortable with the security of knowing I was just a friend. When we studied at nights he would walk me to my car and sometimes on Fridays we would go and get lunch before I had to go to class but we always paid for our own food. We texted sometimes a lot but mostly didn’t, we never hung out on our own outside of class. He never asked and I simply have a very full schedule.
Well this guy recently went on vacation overseas and let me know he bought me a necklace. Nothing fancy but certainly remembered how I like unique and authentic things, I am a girly girl outside of school after all and he knows that. I’m a little worried because I don’t know what this means. I have had nothing but mixed messages all semester so I just didn’t think much of anything like lunch or walking me to the car or anything else.
I know he likes to take things slow with women because we talked about that too but this is not slow this is more unexpected on my end. I don’t know what this means or what to think or how I should handle it. Maybe it’s nothing but I want to know how to deal with the situation. I have never had a guy that wasn’t a boyfriend buy me any type of jewelry, ever. I know it wasn’t expensive but this guy in on vacay with his family in a foreign and exotic country and he thinks to buy me a necklace of all things, not a trinket, not a postcard but a necklace.

What does this mean? Does it seem clear to everyone else but me?
I will have him for a class in the fall again so I don’t want to read more into it than there really is.
Please help cuz I’m clueless. Thanks!

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Answer by Deanna
nobody’s going to read this book hun, but to answer your question, it means he has feelings for you..or he’s gay.

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