What would I call a group of gryphons?

Question by Savannah the Ordinary: What would I call a group of gryphons?
What is a term I should use for the collective noun of a gryphon?
For example, a pack of wolves, or a flock of birds. What would I call a bunch of gryphons?

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Answer by Jackie
how about a gaggle? or a convocation?

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3 thoughts on “What would I call a group of gryphons?”

  1. The term is a “flight”.

    As in a flight of eagles. Gryphons are a combination of lion and eagle, and although the term “pride”, as in a pride of lions could be applicable, the nature of the eagle in flight is above the grounded lion, so the term “flight” is superior in the case of gryphons to the term “pride”.

    FYI, in the book “The Black Gryphon” by Mercedes Lackey, the term “wing” was used in reference to gryphons, but it was a military term for a unit of gryphons in the army of Urtho, the Mage of Silence.

    I am an educated person – I’m a Nurse, and since this whole question is theoretical anyway, I stand by my choice of “Flight”, thank you very much.

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