Disney World Family Vacation?

Question by It takes two…: Disney World Family Vacation?
I’m planning my first family vacation to Disney World (FL) and I have no idea where to start! I went when I was 5, so I don’t know what kind of stuff has changed, or even what price to think is a “good deal”. Do I go with “All Inclusive Packages” or do an “a la carte” type thing?


We’re a family of 6; our youngest is 3 and oldest is 10.

We’re active military, so we get 4 free passes to Sea World— how far away is that from Disney World?

We’re also driving from SC, so no flights are needed.

Where do we get the best deal???????


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Answer by TDP-M
There is an all-military resort inside Disney World where you can get deals. I’d check that out. I bet they’ll have a concierge that gives info on local military discounts.

I always like using Frommers.com’s suggested itineraries when I plan a trip. They’ll also often include the Best of… stuff depending on your interests.

I was just in Orlando and went to the Harry Potter theme park in Universal. AWESOME! The rides were fun too. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Disney World Family Vacation?”

  1. Sea World is roughly a 20 minute drive. Since you’ll have a car, no problem.

    There are great military ticket discounts, there’s a military hotel (Shades of Green). If I were you, I would call up Disney or get on their website and get a price on the whole package deal. I always recommend a first-time Disney visitor (or not been in years!) should stay on Disney property. It just makes it easier all the way around, plus there are benefits such as free transportation and extra hours in the parks. You could also try a Disney travel agent who can search deals for you.

  2. My family and I stayed in the Red Roof inn where there was a pizza hut right there! Also Panda express is not in SC so if you go a little farther down where target i you will see it, ( I also live in SC)while we went to Disney, we were not far away from the park, it took us only about 20 min. You should try to get the passes that allow you to jump from park to park, there are just a little extra, and if you don’t like one of the Disney parks, you could just go to another the same day, you really get your moneys worth!

    I went to Sea World and I have to tell you that the whales are not very good, but the dolphins are amazing!

    Animal Kingdom was Fabulous! It was my Favorite park! they have a safari you can go on and see real animals!

    If it was between Universal and Sea World, I would choose universal!

    But wherever you go, IT IS A LOT OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    Have fun and good luck!:)

  3. DisneyWorld and SeaWorld are about a 20-25 min drive from one another.

    Since this is your first time (well since age 5), I really recommend going thru a FREE internet Disney-Specialized Travel Agency. Our first time in 2005, we went thru Small World Vacations http://www.smallworldvacations.com/ and they were great. They found the free dining plan for us, which we would probably have otherwise missed since we were “Disney virgins” at the time… There is another great agency similar to the above site I mentioned called Dreams Unlimited https://www.dreamsunlimitedtravel.com/reservations/package-res.cfm …if you click this site you’ll notice one of the first questions they ask is if you’re active/retired Military family, which will get you discounts on tickets/resort hotel etc. …Shades of Green is Disney’s military resort hotel and you can get discounts for rooms/tickets if staying there…the ticket deals are called “Stars and Stripes” (i think). …Again, if you decide to go onto one of these agencies, you are not obligated in any way. You can just request a quote, and this can steer you in the right direction so you can get an idea of the prices.

    …also, if you go onto Disneyworld.com http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/ you can check out the “special offers” on their site as well…but…if you go thru the above mentioned agencies, they will find these same special promos for you and adjust your price to the cheaper discount.

    …another good website to check out is allears.net http://allears.net/index.html# …this site is excellent…you can check out all the pictures/reviews of resort hotels, get the menu prices for each and every food court/restaurant throughout Disney, etc etc.

    I do recommend staying on Disney property, it’s gorgeous, clean, and although you’ll have your car, you won’t need it if you don’t want to drive since Disney has great complimentary bus/boat/monorail transportation. …and you’ll get special perks for staying on site, like the Extra Magic Hours http://allears.net/tp/emhour.htm …also, since you were 5 during your last Disney visit, there is something called the Fastpass and it’s free for everyone with a theme park ticket http://www.dwtickets.com/Disneys-Fastpass-Tickets-s/160.htm .

    …if you do choose to go “a la carte”, you can check out hotels near Disney in the city of Kissimmee…they have tons of hotels, but it can be pretty tacky in certain areas. You won’t get that same Disney vibe as staying at their resort. To purchase park tickets you can check out these choices http://www.mousesavers.com/wdwtixdiscounts.html

    …all the sites listed above are very legit and are often used for Disney vacation goers. Have a wonderful, well-deserved vacation!

    UPDATE: Forgot about this, if you go onto Disney’s website they will send FREE keepsake theme park maps to your home…they are really beautiful and excellent quality http://customizedmaps.disney.go.com/ …all you have to do is register thru Disney then order the maps.


  4. Well I’m from South Carolina too and have been to Disney World from here. I’m not sure how long away Sea World is, but if you want to know more about Disney World, try going to their website. You should be able to get a DVD. It’s a planning DVD and will tell you all about Disney World. A new one is made every year, so it will be up to date. Sorry I couldn’t help you with the other stuff. I hope this helped.

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