Q&A: “friend” stole 200$ worth of cloths from me and wont give them back?

Question by XvampireXgirlX: “friend” stole 200$ worth of cloths from me and wont give them back?
ok so about six months ago it was my birthday and my bf gave me 200$ , i bought a bunch a things of hottopic and had em sent to me “friends” house cause i was ganna be on vacation that week, and no one was going to be home so .A month later she still “never got them” yea so 4 boxes disappeared and i didn’t talk to her for those six months period because she was lieing through her teeth, they were no were to be found i know she had em hidden somewhere, but i wasn’t ganna break in her house and search for em. I called the ups people and asked if i could get a refund or something but they said that those were to many packages, they did this whole investigating thing and i even talked to the drivers who delivered them and they all described the house perfectly (so her excuse of them being lost in the mail was a fail) i was extremely mad that i just basically gave her 200$ , eventually got a lil over it cause it was just materiel stuff but wat really bothered me was she lied to my face so just last month ago i was at home cooking and i got a text from her sayn hey i really miss hangn out with you can i come over and talk and i said sure cause i honestly did miss hanging out with her, i just wanted her to tell me the truth when she came over and we talked and basically became friends again i was like i really did miss you and if you want me to start trusting you again you gotta please tell me the truth now where are my packages? then she was like omgf i told you i never got anything all i got was this corset that came in a gray bag and then she put her face in front of mine and was like look in my eyes look im not lien, and i just sighed and was like ok im just going to wait for you to tell me the truth and then later that night she even had the audacity to ask if she could barrow an outfit of mine and yesterday her ex gf texted me and was like hey sorry i didn’t tell you earlier but your “missing packages” are in her attic and if you don’t believe ill tell what was in all of em, she did and she was right i never told her or my friend what was in em and i called her extremely mad saying hey i have proof now so don’t lie please i know there are in your attic now please please give me em and she was all mad mad i told all i got was the corset and i was like really cause i called ups and they said they never sent a bag the bag was in the Package now please can i have my stuff i was crying at this point cause i was so mad and how can a person lie this much then she started yelling at me asking how i can believe her ex and not her i was telling about how i had proof and then she just hung up so now wat should i do and how do i get it back i don’t care if i have to call the cops i have proof of her lieing and im afraid shes going to through my stuff away now since i know its in her attic i want her to give my stuff back or give me 200$
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Answer by Saki
First things first, call the cops and tell them CALMLY and POLITELY what you just posted here, tell them that the UPS driver can even identify the house and that you want to press charges for theft. She’ll either have to give you your stuff in perfect condition or $ 200… unless of course you live in America like me, in which case the legal system is so screwed up you have a 50-50 chance of getting it back.

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