Wizarding World of Harry potter Opening Date?

Question by Summer: Wizarding World of Harry potter Opening Date?

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Answer by Belle
Its said to open this spring. No specific date yet. They said between dec 15, 2009 and june 20 2010. So it should be opening soon! i cant wait! (:

This will show you all about it:


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9 thoughts on “Wizarding World of Harry potter Opening Date?”

  1. they have not offically publicly announced an opening date BUT they are offering a “harry potter vacation package” on the universal orlando website and it starts on may 28th so one can only assume that the wizarding world of harry potter section will open on my 28th.

  2. HP7 Part 2 ended up being incredible! My younger brother and I just saw it released online. We located it at watch harry potter. us (no spaces)

  3. We definitely understand the difference. Soft openings have not been announced, but many people have booked a special “Harry Potter” package starting May´╗┐ 28th that does involve some soft opening elements. Unfortunately, all these packages are booked.

  4. You do know that Disney and Universal have´╗┐ nothing to do with each other. right? just wondering cause a lot of people think they are together. and another question. Do you know when soft openings for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are?.

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