where are thealleles located in this plant?

Question by avaztigger: where are thealleles located in this plant?
a. on the golgi apparatus b. in the nuceolus c. on the amino acids or d. in the DNA?

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Answer by Asst Prof

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One thought on “where are thealleles located in this plant?”

  1. (d)

    Look at it this way, in a flow-chart-y way:

    Alleles are variations of genes.
    Genes are specific pieces of the genetic material.
    The genetic material, as discovered to be [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hershey-Chase_experiment] DNA.

    The rest, a,b,c are not the genetic material, in other words, they are not storing genetic information that could be passed down from generation to generation.

    a. Golgi apparatus an organelle machinery which deals with “packaging” of macromolecules…so nothing involving hereditary is going on here.

    b. DNA is found in the nucleolus, but DNA can travel outside the nucleolus in many other forms (i.e. RNA) so this is not the BEST ANSWER.

    c. Amino acids were thought to be the genetic material, except they are not transferred through generation to generation, only DNA is.

    Hope that helped!

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