Book Flights to Mumbai: Fantastic Holidays Assured

Mumbai is a fast paced city of India which accommodates people from all the regions of India. This makes the city a multi-cultural holidaying destination where you get to see numerous attractions. Read this article to know how to make the best of your trip if you have booked cheap flights to Mumbai.

Best Time to Visit Mumbai

Mumbai observes a favorable climate to hang around throughout the year. During the monsoon seasons which spans from July to September, this city looks mesmerizing. However, it is definitely not the season to roam around in the city as the heavy rain may drench you to the soul or can stuck you in massive traffic snarls. Months of October to February are the best to board Mumbai flights as the air is pleasantly cold, turning the atmosphere perfect to enjoy a great holiday.

Places to Visit in Mumbai

Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai surprises its visitors with its diverse culture and varying lifestyle. This fascinating island city never sleeps and has some breathtaking attractions to visit. Mentioned underneath are few locations which you can visit stepping out of flights to Mumbai.

Gateway of India

Carved out of heavy stones and standing 26 meters high, Gateway of India is an archway which was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India in 1911. When India got freedom from British Empire in 1947, it was the gateway through which the last troops set sail for England. If you have booked cheap flights to Mumbai, make sure to visit this beautiful monument.

Marine Drive

Also known as the “Queen’s Necklace”, Marine Drive is curving sea front boulevard which runs along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea from Nariman Point to the foot of Malabar Hill. One of the most popular romantic spots of the country, Marine Drive sparkles as a necklace during the night when the street lights are turned on. Cool breeze flowing from the sea will surely make you feel exotic. Book Mumbai flights online to get fastest reservations at nominal prices.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Counted as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ajanta and Ellora Caves depict the rich history of medieval India. Both these caves have some intricate carvings, sculptures of Hindi Gods and other mythical characters, and wall paintings which will leave you nothing less than mesmerized. Board your flights to Mumbai to explore the hidden treasures of real India.

When it comes to Mumbai expedition, you cannot get over things within a day. Above-mentioned are just a few places that I’ve mentioned here. Apart from these places, you can also visit Chowpati, Elephanta Caves, Essel World, Juhu Beach, Film City, and the Hanging Gardens. Ask your travel agent to make immediate bookings on cheap flights to Mumbai and visit this bustling city soon!

Dining and Shopping Experience

Mumbai is known for its desi fast-food. Vada-pao, bhel-puri, and coconut water are specialties of the city which you cannot afford to miss on. This city also offers an upscale eating experience with numerous world-class restaurants and hotels.

To shop extravagantly, you can head to a mall in Mumbai where you can shop from leading international brand stores. But these are only the street markets which give the travelers a unique visitor’s delight. Chor Bazaar, Zaveri Bazar, Crawford Market, and Fashion Street are such downtown markets where shopping is fun; all you need to have is exceptional bargaining capabilities!

Booking Mumbai flights is no big deal if you avail the services of an online travel agency.

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